January 23rd, 2024 | Sterling

Top 4 Sterling Healthcare Hiring and Background Check Blogs from 2023

Many healthcare organizations are considering how they can further improve their hiring processes to meet their workforce needs. If you’re like them, you’ve come to the right place! To help get your hiring strategies off to a great start, we’ve assembled our top healthcare background check and hiring blog posts from 2023.

1. Effective Strategies to Attract, Develop, and Retain Healthcare Talent

The Sterling team attended Chicago’s 2023 LEAP HR Healthcare summit, where we had the opportunity to hear from some of the largest health systems in the US, along with their strategies and success stories from finding, developing, and retaining their workforce. In this blog post, we asked our team to share their top takeaways from each of these areas,including how to incorporate` social media into recruitment efforts, expand career pathways, and develop a 30/60/90 day onboarding plan.

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2. Trends in Healthcare Recruitment: 2023 State of Hiring Report

Sterling recently conducted our 2nd annual hiring and background screening review survey with our healthcare and life sciences clients. In this blog, we recap key highlights from our survey to better understand the unique workforce challenges our clients were facing and learn how they were overcoming these obstacles in order to keep up with today’s hiring demands.
Our blog also includes a link to the full 2023 State of Hiring in Healthcare Report. Here you can see how others in the healthcare industry are handling staffing challenges and emerging trends that are reshaping their background screening processes.

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3. Recruitment and Hiring Strategies for 2023

The Sterling team also attended the 2022 LEAP TA Healthcare event to learn the latest recruitment and hiring strategies from TA leaders. From getting more creative in how they attract and secure top talent to leveraging technology and automation, we left the event feeling very optimistic for TA teams and their plans on finding critical talent.

This blog outlines key takeaways from our team at the event, including how healthcare organizations can automate parts of the onboarding process by using information from background checks, a session that was led by Sterling’s Director of Healthcare, Ryan Garman.

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4. Clear Your Candidates Faster with Credentialing Automation

Credentialing candidates, especially those who work in traveling nursing, is often a manual and time-consuming process for many healthcare staffing agencies. Sterling and our partner Bullhorn came together for a live discussion to announce our newest credentialing automation solution.

This blog recaps the live discussion and shares the specific need for this game-changing technology as it relates to credentialing candidates, its impact on the candidate experience and candidate redeployment rate, and how healthcare staffing agencies are using this solution to eliminate tedious checklists.

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Summing Up

Hiring teams have the opportunity to rethink their recruitment and retention strategies as they continue moving forward in the  year. By being open to new strategies, thinking outside the box, and partnering with the right vendor to support your workforce goals, hiring teams can feel confident and informed in their hiring decisions.

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