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You need to feel confident when deciding who engages with your organization. Our comprehensive search of Civil Court Records uncovers important details about candidates, vendors, and contractors, providing you with crucial information to make an informed decision.

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We Search Court Records and Settlements

Sterling combs through county court records and federal civil settlements–every place the subject has lived that matches your business requirements (e.g., past seven years, past ten years, etc.). Our detailed civil court records search reveals details such as:

  • Breach of Contracts
  • Civil Judgements
  • Lawsuits
  • Paternity Suits
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Divorces
  • Restraining Orders

Spot Possible Risks Early

We care about the integrity of your business. Our Civil Court Record Searches help make you aware of potential threats and arm you with facts to make well-informed decisions on which candidates align best with your organization.

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Uncover important details about candidates, vendors, and contractors to make better-informed decisions. Click the option that best describes you.

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