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Having the right data is critical when making business decisions that impact your company’s bottom line. Sterling’s robust suite of enhanced reporting dashboards provides you with better insights for data-driven decisions intended to manage, streamline, and optimize your programs.

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Get a Comprehensive 360-View of Your Screening Programs

We leverage a unique, powerful data analytics platform to collect a 360-degree view of your background and drug and health screening programs with new reporting features that are:


We utilize marketing leading cloud solutions Amazon Web Services and Looker to produce reports based on real-time data streaming.


Reports have a wide array of configurable data attributes and metrics that are detailed and accurate.


Our visualizations show you a complete story with data. Easy-to-read reports and organized dashboards allow users to drill down, filter, and keep exploring data.


Our self-service ability allows users to download entire dashboards complete with underlying data for each dashboard element.

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