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Screen the Correct Person

With the number of data breaches and stolen identities rising year after year, there is an ever-growing risk that a candidate may be using a stolen identity when applying for a job and completing a background check. Verifying that candidates are who they say they are is an important first step in the hiring process.

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Sterling Identity Verification is designed to help you mitigate this risk. In an exclusive partnership with, a leading provider of identity solutions, Sterling brings a unique identity verification solution to the US.
Candidates verify their identity anywhere, anytime.
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Verify Identity Before
Starting a Background Check

Performing identity verification is important to confirm candidate identity before beginning the background screening process.
There’s a common misconception that background checks automatically verify candidate identity. Most background checks depend on manually entered information such as a correct date of birth and complete name. Intentional or accidental errors can potentially go undetected and lead to incorrect background check results. Sterling Identity Verification is designed to bridge this gap by improving candidate data accuracy upfront.
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Background checks
verify candidate identity.
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Background checks are often dependent on candidate-provided data, such as their name and date of birth.

Protect Your Business

With thousands of data breaches happening every year, identity theft and fraud are a real concern. Companies need more confidence than ever that their candidates are who they say they are.
At the same time, companies are hiring more remote and gig workers, making in-person identity verification challenging. That’s where Sterling Identity Verification comes in – verify candidate identity whether they join your team in the physical workplace or work remotely miles away.
of data breaches involved personal data, such as names, phone numbers, and physical addresses
employment or tax-related fraud incidents were reported in 2019
increase in total number of data breaches in 2019 over 2018

Modernize the Candidate Experience

Show candidates that your business is committed to creating a safe workplace with fast, modern and convenient technology. With Sterling Identity Verification, candidates can complete the process in as little as 5 minutes.
Step 1 - Request Identity Verification
Start the process by sending your candidate an identity verification request.
Step 2 - Complete Verification Process
Your candidate follows simple, guided steps to verify their identity. Sterling in partnership with leverages unique identity verification solutions ranging from telecom carrier device verification to video chat.
Step 3 - Deliver Results
We quickly verify your candidate’s identity and provide results to you.

A Solution to Fit Your Needs

Regardless of your industry or the size of your organization, identity verification is a solution for you. From gig economy to large corporations, Sterling Identity Verification integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and processes.

Sterling Identity Verification Helps You:

  • Accelerate time-to-hire to secure top talent
  • Verify candidate identity remotely
  • Deter and detect potential identity fraud at the very start of candidate engagement
  • Improve the candidate hiring experience

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