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Rethinking Workforce Strategy

Organizations are now operating in an era of blended-workforces where leveraging contract workers and consultants have become standard practice. While not full-time employees, these individuals may have access to restricted areas or sensitive information, interact with customers, be in positions of trust, impact your company culture, and represent your brand.

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Protect Your Business

Performing thorough background checks on these contingent workers is critical to maintaining and protecting your business. Sterling makes this easy with our Contingent Workforce Screening Program that streamlines contingent workforce background screening across all industries, protecting your people, brand, and investment.

Streamlining Contingent Workforce Screening

Sterling’s Contingent Workforce Screening Program has all of the key components to manage contractors. We help accelerate time to hire, maximize qualified candidate conversion, and drive cost savings — all while protecting your brand. Sterling helps make it simple, streamlined, and secure.
With Sterling’s robust suite of services – such as identity verification, criminal background checks, license verifications, drug and health screenings, and workforce monitoring – you can customize your contingent workforce (contractor) screening program to fit your business needs. Once services are defined, Sterling will provide your contractors with an easy to navigate Contractor Hub, where they can enroll as a participant in your contingent workforce screening program.
All background checks are not created equal, and our automated processes close gaps while providing the quality checks you trust. Sterling makes your job easier with modern and intuitive candidate and client experiences designed to help you manage daily screening tasks effortlessly and efficiently – accelerating time-to-hire. Our highly rated, mobile responsive Candidate Hub delivers a simple, engaging, and smooth data collection process for candidates – at any time, across any device.
Contractors should go through the same safe and secure background screening process as Full Time Employees. Sterling’s flexible technology-enabled compliance tools – such as Fair Chance and Individualized Assessment – and centralized processes can be easily configured to support your business and culture objectives. It’s important to perform the necessary checks on your contingent workforce so that there are clearly defined and consistent screening standards for a blended workforce. In addition, our in-house compliance advisors help you minimize risk by monitoring always-evolving compliance and regulatory changes.

Enrolling a Contractor Company

  • Client
  • Sterling
  • Contractor company conveniently leverages the DocuSign process, combined with a custom branded web portal that contains program details.
  • Message is generated with link to allow contingent workers to review and electronically sign all program set-up documentation.
  • New Contractor company account is set up reflecting your requirements.
Siemens’ essential businesses have been critical in keeping America’s vital services and critical infrastructure up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic. In locations where we do not have trained personnel onsite, we have engaged two staffing agencies, along with Sterling for background checks, to hire hundreds of medical professionals to assist in temperature screenings at many of our manufacturing facilities.”

Mary Hassler,

Program Manager,
Siemens Flex-Force Program

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