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The staffing industry trusts Sterling to background screen at high volume, using fulfillment and automation to deliver fast turnaround times.
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Sterling helps businesses to staff their organizations while also balancing spend and cost efficiencies. Human resources teams across the globe use our quick and accurate background checks to help build cultures based on trust and safety.
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Trusted Staffing Expertise

Hiring regulations are always evolving, making it a challenge to staff your clients quickly and at scale. Our teams have deep staffing expertise to help you streamline your hiring process while helping you to remain compliant with local, state, and national regulations.

Sterling staffing is committed to:

  • Global background checks at scale
  • Improving your time-to-hire
  • Streamlining your screening process
  • Optimizing your screening process for cost efficiencies
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Specifically related to customer service, the Sterling team has been so anticipatory. They know what questions I’m going to ask, anticipate our needs, and come to me ahead of time with recommendations to enhance the program. Their transparency has been a great thing for us at Manpower. With Sterling, we have actionable data and quarterly business review action items coming to us, all of which helps us provide better service to our clients.”


Service Delivery Specialist
Labor Solutions has a long-term partnership with Sterling. One of the key metrics that we us in the staffing world is turnaround time for obtaining all pre-employment information such as background checks. Time and accuracy are of the essence in recruiting, and Sterling provides the quick turnaround time and accurate results necessary for us to be successful. Sterling’s high level of customer service and responsiveness when we have special circumstances is always appreciated. We especially appreciate their support during a time of crisis such as COVID-19 pandemic in which their service continued seamlessly.”

Labor Solutions

Vice President of Human Resources


Increase productivity and profitability through a seamlessly integrated screening experience with HR tools you already use to manage your hiring process from start to finish. Here are some of our industry-leading partners:
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Services Tailored for Your Industry

While the specific screening needs of every business differ, Sterling’s decades of experience can be leveraged to design a customizable and scalable solution for your organization.
Criminal Background Checks

Getting a complete picture of a candidate’s criminal history is often more complex than people think. At Sterling, we make it easy for you to make fast, more accurate, and safer hiring decisions through a combination of robust services, solutions, and technology that allows us to:

  • Uncover more criminal activity
  • Gain direct access to more US criminal records
  • Deliver accurate results quickly
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Identity Verification

Identity Verification is designed to help you mitigate risk through a simple process where candidates verify that the information they provided about themselves, such as their name and date of birth, is indeed their own. This allows employers to verify that candidates are in fact who they claim to be. For example, your drivers may need to verify their identities from remote locations. In any situation where remote verification is needed, both accuracy and reliable technology play critical roles.

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Pre-employment Verifications

Make sure you know who you’re hiring with the support of industry-leading pre-employment verifications backed by a powerful fulfillment engine. Sterling’s verification services deliver fast, detailed confirmations of a candidate’s educational background, job history, and other credentials so you can be confident in every new hire.

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Drug and Health Screening

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is critical for businesses and employees. Sterling’s Drug and Health Screening services offer robust pre- and post-hire drug screening to help your company stay compliance-focused and meet work policy requirements. Sterling leverages electronic registration to support pre-employment – including random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing so clients can address their compliance needs with 49 CFR Part 40 procedures for DOT Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.

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Sterling Monitoring

You invest time and money up front to know who you’re hiring. But what happens after your new employees begin work? Sterling offers industry-leading solutions to monitor the status of all or a part of your population, either continuously or at pre-determined time intervals. Ebbs and flows of your staffing levels may also create circumstances where you bring individuals back after a layoff or furlough, triggering a need for rescreening. Sterling Monitoring is one of the many sectors where such a service can come in handy.

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Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies

For individuals in positions of trust and authority over your financial operations, assessing risk associated with new hires and existing employees is critical. Our Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies solutions help you make the decision whether there is a need to disqualify them from certain functions or establish supervisory controls for safety and security. This may also include certain sensitive positions that make large-scale purchasing decisions.

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Executive Investigations

There has never been a greater need for a strong investigations partner. Whether you are hiring a new CEO, an M&A partner, or a new board member, you should feel confident that no surprises are waiting to be uncovered by shareholders, the media, or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Having a reliable partner to run an extensive background check helps identify possible risks, past criminal activity, conflicts of interest, links to financial or organized crime, verification of credentials, issues of reputation and character, or omissions of materials information.

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Sterling API

Whether your organization is looking to onboard service providers as quickly and safely as possible or you use a proprietary HR platform, Sterling offers highly configurable API options with dedicated support to help you create a seamless brand experience. We provide our clients with:

  • Access to a robust suite of services
  • Global availability for sustainable growth
  • On-demand approach with progressive workflows
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