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Our extensive partner ecosystem is teaming with industry leaders ready to help you simplify recruiting, tracking, and monitoring.

With the most technical integrations in the industry, we are poised to make the complex more efficient and effective. We understand how diverse HR workflows can be, which is why we start by helping you simplify everything.

Seamless Integration
  • All recruiter and candidate interactions are performed in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Information is collected at once without a secondary process.
  • Candidates interact directly with the hiring party.
Seamless Enhanced Integration
  • The recruiter experience is freed from requesting candidate materials.
  • A perfect solution for high-turnover industries such as retail, food service, and staffing.
Interactive Integration
  • All recruiter and candidate interactions are performed using a single sign-on.
  • Recruiters have monitoring and updating capabilities, as well as the ability to enter candidate information.


Start simplifying your recruiting, tracking and monitoring. Our industry leaders are ready to help you with the maximum-in-industry technical integrations poised to make your workflow more efficient and effective.

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