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Sterling offers a complete range of background screening services for gig and marketplace companies, integrated seamlessly into your applicant experience.

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No industry rookie, we conduct more than 75 million searches each year around the world.

Better, Faster Screening
Our exclusive technology delivers more reliable information and fast results—90% of our criminal checks are complete within a day.
Flexibility and Customization
Our API allows you to customize what you want—and to make changes down the road.
Global Reach
Our global services catalog is available via our API and we have boots on the ground in a dozen markets around the world.

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Our modern, RESTful API can get you to hello world in minutes.

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What We Have to Offer

We are a one-stop shop, with all the core screening services as well as newer offerings designed specifically for Gig. Together, let’s create the right program for your company.

Criminal Background Checks

Sterling uses powerful proprietary technology and a thorough, multi-step process to deliver reliable results and uncover criminal records that others might miss. Owning more of our end-to-end data pipeline than anyone else in the industry is a cornerstone of our business.

Identity Solutions

Screening starts with identity. Reduce costly data errors, deter identity fraud, and accelerate hiring and onboarding with Sterling Identity Verification, a fast, convenient, mobile solution designed to provide a better candidate experience.

Ongoing Monitoring

Continuous monitoring notifies you in near real time of any changes to workers’ driver records, criminal records, or license status—before they impact your brand and business.

We’ve been proud to partner with companies at every stage in their evolution to protect their brands with trusted background screening.

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