Technology-Enabled Compliance Tools

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Get to Know Your Candidates Objectively

At Sterling, we understand that background screening comes with a lot of regulatory requirements that continuously evolve. We offer flexible technology-enabled compliance tools and centralized processes to help you save time and stay agile in the face of regularly changing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance, state, and local laws.

The Sterling Difference

Conducting a thoughtful review of all candidates will help you evaluate each candidate as an individual while strengthening and diversifying your workforce. Our Fair Chance and Individualized Assessment tools can provide a consistent means to document the process of evaluation when and where it is needed throughout the hiring process. Learn more
Increase productivity with tools and processes that are automated, paperless, secure, and easily accessible in one place. Our process automation can help you minimize the potential for human error by reducing manual administration tasks.
Sterling understands that keeping up to date with rapidly changing Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations can be challenging and time-consuming. Our in-house compliance experts monitor new laws and regulations to stay up to date as changes take effect.

Technology-Enabled Compliance Tools

Sterling has taken the complexity out of hiring by elevating our candidate and client experiences, making daily screening tasks easier and faster than ever. Our flexible technology fits seamlessly into your screening experiences in the following ways:

Per FCRA requirements, Sterling provides employers an administrative tool to complete a two-step pre and final adverse action process when considering an adverse employment decision, as well as delivering candidate notices and attachments.

To simplify the Fair Chance process, Sterling provides an administrative tool that’s configured within the Adverse Action process. Our tool allows you to deliver forms to perform the required tasks in New York City and Los Angeles to help you meet local regulatory requirements and securely stores required documentation in one place.

Configured within the Adverse Action process, our Individualized Assessment tool is designed to address the EEOC’s guidance on consideration of criminal records. It provides a means for candidates to provide feedback on criminal history info and help prevent discrimination in the hiring process.

The Compliance Imperative

Complaints Continue to Rise
There has been a 108% increase in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints over the past six years.1
Compliance Litigation is Costly
Employers that fail to comply with regulations can face multimillion-dollar settlements.2
More Regions are Adopting Regulations
150+ U.S. counties & cities and 36+ states are adopting laws and regulations to support fair hiring practices.3

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