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Our technology-enabled tools and processes adapt to the frameworks that our clients use to build inclusive hiring programs.
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Supporting Fairness & Inclusion

Many organizations are looking for ways to diversify their workforce and encourage fairness and inclusion through second chance hiring. Conducting a thoughtful review of all candidates will help you evaluate each candidate as an individual while strengthening and diversifying your workforce.
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Second Chance

We let our clients decide how they want to approach “Second Chance” in a way that aligns with their business and culture objectives. Our technology-enabled compliance tools were designed to help you navigate anti-discrimination laws and implement hiring practices that help you build the ideal culture for your organization.

More Inclusive Hiring

Sterling’s flexible technology-enabled compliance tools can be easily configured to support your business and culture objectives. You can enable electronic Adverse Action and also initiate, complete, and review Individualized Assessment and Fair Chance, all within our Candidate and Client Hubs.

To encourage more inclusive hiring while accelerating eligibility assessments, Sterling offers the Client Matrix Application (CMA), a flexible, technology-enabled process which enables an unbiased application of an organization’s eligibility criteria based on their existing established criteria for each job.

Per FCRA requirements, Sterling provides employers an administrative tool to complete the two-step pre- and final adverse action process when considering an adverse employment decision, as well as delivering candidate notices and attachments.

To simplify the Fair Chance process, Sterling provides an administrative tool that’s configured within the Adverse Action workflow. Our tool allows you to deliver forms to complete the required tasks in New York City and Los Angeles, helping you meet local regulatory requirements, and securely stores required documentation in one place.

Our Individualized Assessment tool is designed to address the EEOC’s guidance on consideration of criminal records and to help achieve inclusive hiring goals. It provides a means for candidates to provide feedback on criminal history info and help prevent discrimination in the hiring process.

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