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Sterling I-9 helps address complex US employment eligibility with ease and efficiency
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The I-9 Imperative

The Form I-9 and E-Verify process can be time-consuming and complex. Whether it’s forgetting to fill in certain fields or providing the incorrect verification documents, these are common mistakes that companies make.

Non-Compliance of I-9 can be Costly

Number of Annual US I-9 Audits

Sources: & - 2017, 2018, 2019.

I-9 Fines by Penalty Type

  • $252 - $2.5K Paperwork fines
  • $627 - $5K Civil penalties
  • $5K - $25K Multiple civil penalties
Sources: - 2020

A Seamless I-9 Experience from Start to Finish

We strive to be the only screening company in the industry with our own, proprietary, streamlined, electronic Form I-9 management service. Sterling’s commitment for continuous enhancements to the user experience is what sets us apart. We can easily integrate your applicant tracking system (ATS) or human resource information system (HRIS) with Sterling I-9. Our Monitoring Dashboard offers easy-to-understand drill-down tiles, so you will always know where your attention is needed.

Screenshot of I-9 experience on a tablet.

Coming Soon: Form I-9 Improvements

If you find the Form I-9 daunting with its 15 pages of instructions, we have good news for you! The Form I-9 will soon be undergoing an update. Sterling will also be updating its Form I-9 electronic form on its Sterling I-9 service. Furthermore, E-Verify has also made improvements to its service.
Watch this video on Form I-9 and E-Verify enhancements you can expect in the coming months. Stay tuned for additional updates.

The Sterling Difference

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    of Sterling’s E-Verify cases
    are fully processed1
  • 0+
    Sterling I-9 service
    and feature enhancements2
  • 0%
    increase of unique Sterling
    I-9 clients from 20211
1 Sterling Corporate Stats , Q1 2022
2 Sterling Corporate Stats, Q3 2021 to Q1 2022

Achieve Increased Productivity with Sterling I-9

  • Benefit from automated Form I-9 data collection and real-time validation, thus minimizing errors and omissions, and reducing risk of non-compliance
  • Give client-requested feedback capabilities which influence continuous enhancements
  • Manage remote Form I-9 for both Section 1 and Section 2 completion
  • Store all Form I-9 and supporting documents in a centralized cloud-based data center
  • Manage the full-spectrum E-Verify process with auto-submission and integrated case management tools
  • Offer employees a world-class onboarding experience with easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Import of historical paper and electronic I-9 forms
High Standards
Our I-9 solution allows us to be adaptable and deliver continuous quality enhancements without relying on a secondary provider.
Our easy-to-use monitoring dashboard minimizes complexity and allows you to move swiftly through the onboarding process. Sterling I-9 enhancements offer added flexibility and minimize manual processing of Form I-9.
All-in-One Place
We provide a central location for new hire materials, including an integrated I-9 and E-Verify experience, a streamlined process that ends with all documents in one centralized place.

Help Reduce Audits and Lengthy Onboarding

Intelligent validations navigate you and your new employees through completion, providing real-time guidance to minimize mistakes. Our forms automatically validate every entry, inspect for incorrect data, and check for skipped questions. When the Form I-9 is completed, we securely store it in our centralized cloud-based data center. Every Form I-9 is tracked and logged from creation, providing you with full chain of custody and audit trail for each Form I-9. All of these quality assurance safeguards are part of the Sterling I-9 service to help reduce the risk of non-compliance.
  • Client
  • Candidate/Employee
  • Sterling

The Employer initiates the Form I-9 in Client Hub

New hire electronically completes Section 1 (invite your employee to complete it)

Sterling automatically creates a case in E-Verify. Employer or an employer-assigned verifier electronically completes Section 2

Verifier Options:
  1. Notary Network*
  2. Verifier Network
  3. Employee-selected verifier
  4. Company rep

Employer manages the E-Verify case directly in Sterling I-9 interface

Form I-9 record and E-Verify case information are stored in a Sterling secure cloud system

Did You Know?
Form I-9s should be retained for three years after the date of hire, or one year after the date employment ends – whichever is later.
Sterling I-9 can help you manage retention and purging of your Form I-9s. We conveniently store all of your Form I-9 and E-Verify records in Sterling’s secure cloud system.
Using an electronic Form I-9 creates process efficiencies.
Sterling’s electronic Form I-9 with line-by-line prompts guide you and your new employees through completion; there is no confusion or opportunities for mistakes. Our forms validate every entry, inspect for incorrect data, and check for skipped questions.
Migrating your data to Sterling I-9 is easy.
Using our integration process, moving your I-9 data has never been easier to ensure everything is centralized and easy to access.
The Form I-9/E-Verify process is an important part of onboarding.
The Form I-9 is mandatory and used to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the US. Proper documents must be presented to authenticate identity and employment eligibility.
Both employees and employer are responsible for completing the Form I-9.
Many clients choose to enroll in E-Verify as another point of verification to confirm an employee’s information against US government records. E-Verify service can be inclusive to your Form I-9, and Sterling provides the tools for you to manage your cases.

Robust Section 2 Verification Options

Sterling I-9 offers four options to verify Section 2 of your Form I-9.
  • Most like traditional paper-pencil method
  • Company-designated representative serves as agent
  • Can be performed remotely or in-person
  • No additional cost
  • “Next-door neighbor” method
  • Employee chooses agent
  • Agent uses Sterling online tool for completion during in-person meeting
  • No additional cost
  • Employee selects appointment time and has 420 set locations in the US to choose from
  • Agent uses Sterling online tool for completion during in-person meeting
  • Additional cost per use
  • Traveling notary agent meets in public place
  • Notary serves as agent – NOT notarizing Form I-9
  • Agent uses Sterling online tool for completion during in-person meeting
  • Additional cost per use

*When using Notary Network, the notary is acting on behalf as a signer/agent, not a notary

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