Medical License Monitoring

Keep a daily pulse on status changes across thousands of medical licenses, including all state licenses.
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Struggling to ensure your providers' licenses are current and in good standing?

Sterling's new Medical License Monitoring solution helps you to reduce your organization's risk and administrative burden.

Thorough Licensing Data Sources
Continuously monitor for license status changes and expirations across thousands of medical licensing bodies, including all state-regulated licenses
Proactive Reminders
Send reminder notifications as expirations approach to help ensure timely renewals and automate the capture of primary source verifications
Automation-Driven Efficiency
Simplify the ingestion and management of monitored licenses through an automated SFTP upload or intuitive user interface

Mitigate risk and promote patient safety

Sterling can help you mitigate brand and regulatory risk by providing a much more efficient way for you to proactively identify those without valid medical licenses. Not only can we automate the ingestion and management of workforce directories, but we've done it in a new modern, intuitive interface.

Our medical license solution monitors thousands of data sources so that you can identify and react to a licensing status change in days, not months.

Sterling's Medical License Monitoring helps organizations address common challenges

Administrative Burden
  • Centrally tracking license expirations
  • Reminding employees about renewals
  • Automatically recognizing renewals
  • Documenting primary source verification
Risk Mitigation
  • Avoiding long intervals between checks
  • Verifying licenses at the primary source
  • Centrally managing licenses to identify and manage risk

Purpose-Built Technology with a Modern, Intuitive Interface

  • Automatically monitor for license status changes and expirations
  • Receive intuitive, proactive monitoring alerts and notifications for immediate review and action
  • Reduce administrative overhead with automatic workforce sync
  • Easily audit documentation and program overview via monthly reports

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