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You want to ensure that the individuals who work for you represent the values most important to your business and culture. This means bringing the expected personality and experience on Day One and maintaining that status throughout their tenure. Our best-in-class employment screening and identity verification services are tailored specifically for the manufacturing industry so you can make informed hiring decisions.

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Your employees represent your company, many of whom have access to sensitive information or equipment. Trust and safety – important building blocks for productive job sites — are the keys to preserving your corporate culture and protecting your employees, and everyone with whom they interact.
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It’s important for us to have a partner who works with other clients that are in our space. This is extremely important because Sterling is able to offer perspective and knowledge that applies specifically to the unique needs of my business."
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Ebony Brumfield

Employment Practices and Compliance Manager,
I think we would be at risk as a company if we did not have a partner like Sterling that was guiding and advising us through the changes happening in the employment space.”
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Melinda Keith

Senior Director of Customer Support, North America
Hunter Douglas
Siemens’ essential businesses have been critical in keeping America’s vital services and critical infrastructure up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic. In locations where we do not have trained personnel onsite, we have engaged two staffing agencies, along with Sterling for background checks, to hire hundreds of medical professionals to assist in temperature screenings at many of our manufacturing facilities.”

Mary Hassler

Program Manager
Siemens Flex-Force Program
UniFirst’s customers are serving as the backbone of our communities, keeping them safe and up and running amid this pandemic. We continue to rely on our key partner Sterling for thorough and efficient background screening so we can quickly onboard new team members, particularly for critical production roles that support supermarkets, food suppliers, manufacturing, healthcare facilities, banks, waste disposal companies, hardware stores, and shipping businesses.”

Denise Valentin-Diaz

Senior Manager of Human Resources, Total Rewards, Employee Relations and HR Compliance, UniFirst
With COVID-19, we had to quickly transition to new background screening processes without compromising turnaround times or accuracy. Sterling helped identify and execute a new way for Kimberly-Clark to confirm the case-by-case need for a statewide search in those limited instances where local court records could not be accessed.”

Carey McElroy

Talent Acquisition Manager-North America
Sterling has demonstrated client commitment and industry expertise from the beginning of the negotiations through implementation. They truly have separated themselves from their peers, and as evidence, we are already investing more in services after just a few months of going live. The products are excellent and service is superior.”

Doug Corcoran

Head of Talent Acquisition,
Ferrara Candy Company

Services Tailored for Manufacturing

While the specific screening needs of every organization differ, Sterling’s decades of experience can be leveraged to design the most appropriate solution for your business. With Sterling’s manufacturing services, you can more confidently perform background checks for your manufacturing workers.

With direct access to 85% of US criminal search records, our background checks provide a complete picture of a candidate’s criminal history, delivering accurate results quickly and enabling safer hiring decisions.
Criminal activity monitoring proactively monitors 2,000+ jails for new booking and incarceration events for the enrolled employee population. Employers receive alert notifications, so they can conveniently log into the Workforce Monitoring application to view additional criminal activity details.
Sterling searches through the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), which includes registered sex offenders in 49 States, US territories, the District of Columbia, and participating Indigenous tribes. Please note that reporting in Nevada is not permitted.
Our drug and occupational health screening services are among the fastest and most expansive collection network of over 15,000 test sites nationwide. Sterling offers robust pre- and post-hire screening to help organizations stay compliance focused.
Employment verifications are used to verify a candidate’s employment history and records with HR, payroll, or third-party providers — including periods of traditional employment, as well as temp agency assignments, military history, and periods of self-employment. Available in the US and globally.
Sterling’s identity verification service allows organizations to confirm that their candidates are who they say they are, creating a safer workplace for both their employees and their patients.
Sterling offers a Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exam that meets employer-specific job requirements. They are sometimes called “Fit for Duty” or “Human Performance” exams, and may include detailed health history, vision screening, hearing evaluation, blood pressure and pulse rate check, urinalysis, and respirator clearance. 
A post-accident or “post-incident” test is performed after an employee has been involved in a workplace accident. Testing is used to determine whether drugs and/or alcohol were a potential factor in the incident. This service has 6,000+ trained collectors to perform 24/7/365 emergency collections when accidents occur, and includes immediate contact to a Sterling partner for direct scheduling and dispatch of a qualified technician to the worksite or to the scene of an accident. 


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