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January 27 | 2020

A New Year Ushers in New Marijuana Legislation and New Challenges for Healthcare HR Professiona...

As 2020 dawns, several US state and local jurisdictions are enacting new laws regarding marijua...

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May 7 | 2019

Marijuana Laws Are Changing: Here’s What to...

As we continue to track events that can impact hiring in your states and cities,...

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April 24 | 2018

Importance of Creating a Drug Screening Policy

It is a stunning fact: more than two million Americans are estimated to have a problem with opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the opioid crisis claimed more than 64,000 American lives last year and more than 140 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. Widespread opioid abuse costs employers nearly......

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January 16 | 2018

Impact of the California Marijuana Law on the Work...

The start of the New Year brings new laws, guidelines and recommendations. One o...

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November 2 | 2017

HR In the Stoned Age: Prescription Pills in the Wo...

The prescription pills and opioid crisis has become a growing concern throughout the country. Every community from rural to urban is affected by the increase of opioid usage in the United States. It is a stunning fact: over two million Americans are estimated to have a problem with opioids. The non-medical use of prescription psychotherapeutic......

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Drug Testing in Healthcare: From Pain Point to Competitive Advantage

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