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July 12 | 2019

Team Culture in the Age of Gig: How to Build a Happy Workforce, Near and Far

Business is more complicated and faster paced than ever. The pressure to compete globally, keep...

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January 25 | 2019

How to Thank Employees – and Make It Matter

As Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, says, “a company is only as good as i...

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August 2 | 2017

Five Ideas to Communicate Company Culture to Candi...

When job seekers are evaluating potential employers, one of the most important factors is the company culture. To attract and retain top talent, HR professionals constantly wrestle with both nurturing their company culture and communicating it to candidates through their employer brand. Although seasoned employees may have the most to say about the...

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April 20 | 2017

Culture Corner: How to Host a Culture Workshop

We all aspire to work for a company that values our work and treats us like grow...

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February 15 | 2017

Screening and Onboarding: The Yin and Yang of Hiri...

Before working at Sterling, I had no knowledge about background screening and the steps that took place after I received my offer letter. I, like many people, had no idea about the importance of having the background consent form signed or filling out the Form I-9 form electronically and how that would make the transition to my first day on the job...

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HR Legislation in the Stoned Age: Marijuana Legalization

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How You Can Add “Likes” to Your Social Media Screening Program
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