April 20th, 2023 | Sterling

Top 5 Healthcare Background Check and Hiring Blogs from 2022

Over the past few years, and especially last year, we saw the healthcare industry grapple with both new and ongoing challenges impacting the workforce. Continued staffing shortages, higher turnover, a growing interest in travel nursing options and remote work, and now the uncertainty in the current macro-economic landscape, is stretching HR teams thin and making hiring even more of a challenge.

To help kickstart your hiring strategies as we continue moving into 2023, we’ve pulled together Sterling’s top 5 healthcare background check and hiring blog posts from 2022. We believe these topics are still relevant today and want you to feel confident as you navigate hiring and retaining your staff.

1. 2022 Benchmark Report Takeaways

Although healthcare organizations share a common purpose in providing critical care for people, the specific hiring process and screening needs of hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare staffing firms often differ. As part of our Healthcare and Life Sciences 2022 Benchmark Report, the Sterling Healthcare team uncovered hiring trends and insights from each of our Centers of Excellence (COE): Acute Care, Post-Acute Care, Healthcare Staffing, and Life Sciences.

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2. Top Actions for Addressing Staffing and Onboarding Issues in Healthcare

For the first time since 2004, hospital labor shortages have replaced financial challenges as the top concern for hospitals in 2021, based on data from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). This continues to be a priority for health systems in 2023. To better understand what actions healthcare HR leaders were taking to alleviate staffing and onboarding issues, the Sterling Healthcare team commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting and surveyed 157 HR decision-makers at large US healthcare organizations.

This blog also includes a link to the full commissioned study where you can uncover areas that hinder HR teams from hiring candidates quickly, the value of having healthcare industry background checks, and actions organizations are taking to revamp their hiring strategies.

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3. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Drug & Health Screening Program

Although many health systems have their own internal pre-employment drug & health screening program, the administrative burden of managing and overseeing clinical tests and remaining up to date on compliance regulations can be laborious. This blog uncovers three benefits that can come from outsourcing your drug & health screening services, including getting your new employee to day one faster and improving the candidate’s onboarding experience.

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4. Strategies for Recruiting Healthcare Talent

Staffing shortages among health systems have always been an ongoing challenge, however the Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this issue. The Sterling Healthcare team joined a panel of talent acquisition experts from Sanford Health to discuss some of the issues they were experiencing from labor shortages and ways they were able to combat these challenges. This ranges from leveraging technology to help meet healthcare background check requirements, simplifying the hiring process, and recruiting internationally.

You can also access our on-demand webinar, Combating the Employee Shortage in Healthcare, for the full discussion in the blog post.

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5. Four Ways to Achieve Better Employee Retention in Healthcare

On top of HR teams having to get creative in attracting new talent, they are also looking for ways to retain their employees due to higher turnover and industry competition. Addressing employee retention can help lower costs associated with hiring and boost employee morale. We highlight four ways to improve your employee retention strategy to help keep your most valuable workers.

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The challenges that we saw in 2022 are most likely here to stay in 2023. HR teams will continue to adapt to ongoing changes in the healthcare industry to stay proactive in their recruitment and retention strategies. By partnering with the right vendor to help shoulder the requirements that come with attracting, hiring, and onboarding new hires, HR teams can feel confident and informed in their hiring decisions.

To stay in the know on the latest healthcare background screening updates and news, visit Sterling’s Healthcare and Life Sciences page.

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