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Social Media Screening

October 5 | 2017

Social Media Screening Continues Its Upward Trend

Social media is a becoming a key social media recruiting tool. HR teams, recruiters, and employ...

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August 17 | 2017

Social Media Reviews Offer a More Holistic View of...

We live in a social world. Try to imagine a time, not even fifteen years ago, wh...

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July 13 | 2017

Infographic: Dos and Don’ts of Social Media...

Today’s world is a much more social place. Imagine a time without social media. Some would argue that would be a perfect world, while others would miss being connected to friends, family and being on top of the most current news stories as they happen. According to We Are Social, the number of worldwide internet users is nearly 3.8 Billion while...

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July 12 | 2017

A Look Back at PRIDE Month: Diversity in the Workp...

People, culture and integrity are almost always at the very epicenter of Human R...

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June 28 | 2017

What Tasks Companies Are and Are Not Prioritizing...

Sterling recently surveyed 500+ HR professionals on their background check programs and the sentiments surrounding business growth in the upcoming year for our Background Screening Trends and Best Practice Report. We uncovered some exciting results, from the way companies screen potential hires and the information they look for, to predictions for...

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How to Develop Young Talent and Bridge the Skills Gap

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