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June 11 | 2018

Background Checks: It’s Time to Reinvent the Industry We Invented

Many of you may not know that over forty years ago I started a business, which then morphed int...

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September 18 | 2017

RISQ Group Selected as Best Background Screener at...

Sterling is proud to announce that The RISQ Group was selected as the Best Pre-E...

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July 10 | 2017

Infographic: Background Screening Roadmap

Pack up the car and get ready for a background screening road trip! Sterling surveyed 500+ U.S. based employers regarding their use of employment background checks for our just released, 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practices Report. The surveys represented 33 industries including consulting, educations, healthcare, manufacturing, not...

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July 7 | 2017

SterlingONE Enhancements Uncomplicates the Onboard...

Employers focus on making the onboarding process easier for new employees. But,...

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July 5 | 2017

Employer Branding From Not to HOT

When I was looking for a new job, one of the first things that I researched is how a company presented itself via their website and social media channels. Do they have a fun, engaging culture and do they share those experiences with their followers? Do they highlight their values and show how employees live the company values every day? Does the co...

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HR Legislation in the Stoned Age: Marijuana Legalization

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How You Can Add “Likes” to Your Social Media Screening Program
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