June 11th, 2018 | Billy Greenblatt, CEO, Sterling

Background Checks: It’s Time to Reinvent the Industry We Invented

Many of you may not know that over forty years ago I started a business, which then morphed into a criminal search company with three employees. Now Sterling is the largest identity and screening business in the world. From 1975 to 2013 we grew the company by automating the criminal record check process, investing in cutting-edge technology and hiring the best, client-obsessed team. Together with our clients we created an industry focused on helping them hire faster while protecting the reputation of their brands.

When I stepped into my Chairmanship role in 2014, I stepped away from day-to-day operations of the company to focus on strategy. In that time, I’ve seen massive industry changes take place, from changes to the regulatory landscape affecting how businesses hire, to the emergence of on-demand hiring and a more global workforce. It became clear to me that the industry that I helped to invent was ready for re-invention. So, last month when Sterling’s Board asked me to come back as CEO, the opportunity to work with clients to re-invent the industry we invented together was too good to pass on. I couldn’t resist coming back.

I am proud and excited to return to the CEO role at Sterling. We’re the best team in the industry, with the strongest balance sheet, and the biggest commitment to innovation…bar none. The quality and speed of our services – which keep people around the globe safer and help people find jobs faster – is better than anyone’s.

At a time when many background check companies are consolidating and cost-cutting for efficiencies, Sterling, with our financial strength and Goldman Sachs backing, is spending money for innovation, partnership and growth. We’ve added 900 new employees to our talented team in the last year alone.  We’re building an excellent Global platform; we’re building the best Global HR Tech company in the world. With our industry expertise and the commitment from our team to our clients, I am looking forward to leading the Sterling team into the future. I know it will be a bright one.

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