November 8th, 2013 | Sterling

Think You’ve Got Hiring Challenges? Find Out How ALDI Hires the Best Workforce.

ALDI_Case Study

If you want to improve your company’s hiring practices and make more informed hiring decisions, there’s no better story to hear than ALDI’s. In 2006, ALDI came to EmployeeScreenIQ with a need to strengthen their overall hiring practices, particularly in the area of background checks. ALDI sought to improve store operations across the United States, in positions ranging from cashiers to district managers.

Thom Behtz, vice president of ALDI’s Jefferson, GA division, shares the steps in ALDI’s journey that lead to a strong partnership with EmployeeScreenIQ. Faced with several hiring challenges previous to partnering with EmployeeScreenIQ, ALDI found a solution to its hiring challenges with EmployeeScreenIQ.

With U.S. operations that span more than 1,200 stores over 21 divisions, find out how this grocery giant improved hiring practices and employee retention by partnering with EmployeeScreenIQ:

  • ALDI measurably strengthened its use of criminal background checks, a crucial element in filling thousands of positions from cashiers to district managers.
  • EmployeeScreenIQ’s education process helped ALDI executives interpret critical findings and better understand legal compliance issues and other key aspects of employment screening.
  • Discover why accuracy is the best indicator of value in a background check.

Download a complimentary copy of ALDI’s story here:

ALDI Case Study

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