February 1st, 2022 | Joy Henry, US Head of Technology and Business Services

Are All Gig Background Check Platforms the Same? Why Not?

For decades now, the criminal background check process has been a reliable, safe way for organizations to quickly onboard new hires. However, due to the rapid evolution of technology in recent years, onboarding information has dramatically increased in value for HR departments, now giving them a full look into a candidate’s history. As a result, background screening companies have had to keep pace with technology and add new services to differentiate themselves from their many competitors. Incorporating cutting-edge technology like biometrics and multi-layer database traces are just a few ways in which companies have added value to their clients.

With the current high saturation of background check providers on the market, it’s difficult for companies to understand exactly what products and services each background check provider can offer them. Further confusing the issue, there also exists a lack of transparency from many companies — especially from gig economy background check providers — which is why Sterling focuses on delivering specific services while showing our clients exactly how we can help them succeed. To achieve this goal we’ve asked for our clients’ feedback over the years to find out what truly matters to them and how we can continue to innovate our products using the latest technology. Listening closely to our clients, Sterling has been able to identify our top 5 differentiators from our competitors within the sharing economy space:

1. Global Presence

Sterling is truly a global company. We have focused on adding multiple regional teams so that we support effective outreach across the globe. Unlike some of our competitors, our teams are staffed by screening industry experts who understand their local culture and are knowledgeable within their territories to better serve our clients. This allows us to offer our client companies the ability to grow globally with a partner they can trust.

2. Compliance Expertise

One of the largest issues that clients face within the background screening space is regulatory compliance: specifically how laws and policies differ from country to country, region to region, and even state to state. Sterling has a knowledgeable compliance team that assists our clients to help them more closely meet regulations wherever their background checks take place. Especially in states like California and New York which have strict regulations for gig economy platforms, our team comes fully-equipped to help clear up confusion for our clients.

3. Dedicated Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating for clients who are trying to get through to a support team over the phone than to be ‘greeted’ by an automated response. Instead of leaving our clients waiting, our dedicated client success representatives are on hand, with years of experience in the gig and sharing economy field. We are rated 4.2 on trust pilot not only because we are available to answer questions throughout our relationship, but because we continually seek to grow that relationship to better understand your business’ needs.

4. Reduced Cost

Your gig platform shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice quality for cost, so we have focused on developing technology which saves you cost while still providing valuable background information. Our identity services provide a first line of defense so that you don’t spend money on fraudulent candidates who are trying to game the system. Following that, workflow pauses can be implemented throughout your background screening process so that once a candidate is discovered to be unqualified, the check stops, which saves companies cost on every background check run.

5. Innovations for People, not for Headlines

Several background check providers have focused on making newsworthy innovations to produce buzz in the gig economy industry, but don’t actually make a positive impact for their clients. In direct contrast, Sterling makes sure that all our product innovations and service enhancements benefit our customers by improving their workflows and ROI. Background checks may be our products, but people are our business.


Sterling has been a background screening innovator for almost 50 years now, and we’re continuously evolving our technology to produce more efficient products and services. Our top 5 differentiators separate us from our competitors while emphasizing our core value of always putting people first. Learn more about how Sterling’s background checks and identity services can provide you with the tools to improve the quality of your candidates by contacting us.

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