September 28th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

SterlingONE Releases a Mobile-Responsive Candidate Portal

We have become a world more and more dependent on mobile devices. Mobile usage is changing the way consumers do shopping, banking and job hunting. According to a Pew Research Center report released in early 2017, 95% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind and 77% of this group own smartphones. 51% of Americans own a tablet. In the last year, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage. Nielsen broke down smartphone ownership by age groups with the top two being Millennials and Gen Xers. 98% of Millennials aged 18-24 own a smartphone while the 25-34 age group is right behind at 97%. 96% of younger GenXers (aged 35-44) own smartphones. In a recent survey by Flurry, it was found that Americans are spending up to five hours per day on apps on their mobile devices.  Americans mostly use social networking apps such as Facebook and Snapchat, music or entertainment and gaming.

Mobile is a Top Priority for Companies in 2017

Sterling surveyed 500+ HR professionals earlier this year for our 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practice Report. In our survey, we asked responders about topics ranging from top priorities in the upcoming year from hiring challenges to social media and drug screening trends. Indeed found that 78% of people in the US would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the hiring process were easier. Candidates want to be able to search, apply, upload resumes and information through their mobile smartphones from anywhere and at any time.  51% of companies surveyed by Sterling said that having mobile access to complete a background check would improve the candidate experience; meanwhile, only 30% of companies use a background screening provider that currently offers this amenity. Using an optimized mobile platform can differentiate your applicant’s experience and place your company above the curve on this trend.

SterlingONE Updates

Sterling releases platform and product updates so our clients can be informed of the latest changes in the background screening industry. Our goal is to make the candidate hiring experience easier with positive changes happening for both the employer and the job candidate. SterlingONE makes it easy for candidates to initiate and complete screenings while also giving businesses the flexibility to add products and services onto existing orders and workflows.

Mobile-Responsive Candidate Portal

Today, so many business tasks take place on mobile devices. With background screening, it’s convenient, faster and simpler for your candidates to complete required tasks on mobile devices. Sterling has significantly enhanced the mobile-responsive candidate portal on SterlingONE. Candidates can easily access their candidate portal on-the-go via their smartphones and tablets so they can quickly and efficiently complete time-sensitive screening tasks. A mobile-responsive candidate portal enables a seamless, efficient candidate background screening experience no matter what mobile devices your candidates use. The mobile enhancements to the candidate portal provide an optimal viewing experience that is much easier to read and navigate with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling – across a wide range of devices.

The HR team’s background screening process will not change as a result of this update to SterlingONE.  However, by providing candidates with an enhanced, mobile-responsive experience, organizations can empower their candidates to move hiring tasks forward easily and more efficiently.  Also, companies can create a great first impression of their company’s brand on their candidates’ mobile devices.

SterlingONE delivers greater hiring efficiency with exceptional cloud technology and customer service. We have the complete hiring solution from the time your company makes an offer to a candidate through background screening to onboarding. Sterling ultimately strives to improve and simplify the client and candidate experience for background screening and onboarding. We want to maximize the hiring workflow efficiency for both candidates and employers. Learn more about how to transform your company’s hiring process to improve the candidate experience on the Sterling website. To take your screening and onboarding to the next level, call us now at 800-899-2271!

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