August 23rd, 2017 | Joshua Bryant, Sterling Talent Solutions

Streamline Your Background Check Process

Have you and your organization been wondering why the best and brightest candidates abandon your background check process and look for opportunity and growth elsewhere? This may be because of your company’s cumbersome background check process according to a new article published by Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report featuring industry insider and Sterling’ Chief Product Officer, Dillana Lim. With years of work in the employment screening industry, Lim provided invaluable insight on why having a quick, easy and efficient background screening program is essential for candidate retention.

 One way to save time and make things convenient for candidates is to let them use mobile devices to submit their information, Lim told Martin Berman-Gorvine of Bloomberg BNA. However, she cautioned, candidates ‘‘don’t want to download yet another app.’’ That is to say, candidates don’t want a pointless app that isn’t moving things along any faster. Lim continued, “If mobile device submission is combined with streamlined and automated back-end processing, the background check can move along speedily, to the benefit of both applicant and employer.”

2 Issues in Particular Are Clogging Background Checks Up

  1. Clear, Concise Instructions – The main issue is companies not giving their background screening provider concise and detailed instructions on what precisely it should be screened for, which can result in the candidate getting a lot of irrelevant questions.
  2. Good Communication is a Must – Having transparent communication with the candidate is essential, which is where a mobile device interface can make things a lot easier. But not everyone is tech savvy or has the data to spare to download your company’s app. So, it is important to allow applicants also to choose laptops or paper for filling out and tracking the progress of their background check.

Bonus Background Check Process Tips

Test the candidate experience so that you can get a feel for the screening and onboarding process exactly as your candidates will! A trial run will allow you to ensure that the process is streamlined, efficient and compliant with federal laws and state laws that require certain information to be provided. You may even want to allow your legal team to check out your background check process to ensure compliance. Oh, and one more thing: avoid unnecessary background checks. A candidate for an administrative assistant’s position likely doesn’t need a credit check, while a candidate for a CEO position definitely does.

Sterling, the world’s largest background screening provider, provides hiring peace of mind by delivering a simpler, smarter background screening and onboarding experience for employers worldwide. Find out more insight how to streamline employment background screening checks in the Bloomberg BNA article below.

Bloomberg BNA - HR Report

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