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August 1st, 2017 | Julianna Haase, Sterling Talent Solutions

Technology Trends to Simplify Candidate Experience

Sterling took a survey of 500+ HR professionals for our 2017 Background Screening Trends and Best Practice Report, released last month. In our survey, we asked responders about topics ranging from top priorities in the upcoming year to hiring challenges to social media and drug screening trends.

According to our responders, 60% of companies expect hiring to increase this year, and as a result, companies are putting more emphasize on improving their hiring process. And when we asked companies about their top priorities for the upcoming year, 45% agreed that their focus is on reducing time-to-hire, while 26% said their top priority is improving candidate experience.

As competition for high performing talent continues to increase, employers are recognizing that they have to step up their candidate experience and provide a consistent, simple and personalized experience for their applicants. Streamlining technology is at the forefront of this priority. Companies are looking to technology to elevate and differentiate the candidate experience from the abyss of other potential employers. This helps with the ultimate goal of onboarding hires quickly before they can go to another company, and not to mention, boosts company brand and reputation.

Technological Trends for the Hiring Process

The candidate’s experience during the hiring process is a make-it or break-it situation. Employers identify that being transparent as well as efficient reflects well on your company culture while also implying care and appreciation for new employees. Candidate experience is the first piece in the puzzle of a new career, which subsequently affects retention and engagement rates, as well as referrals. Here are some of the elements of the hiring process that facilitate positive interactions and reviews from candidates:

  • Easy to Use Platform. Your platform should be there to guide you through all of your onboarding and hiring needs. By centralizing the documents you may need during the hiring process in one location, you can save yourself a lot of extra time and frustration. Plus, your HR department as well as your candidates will thank you. Before choosing a hiring platform, download Sterling’s eBook highlighting essential aspects of choosing a successful background screening platform.
  • Real Time Updates on Process. Granting your candidates full access to their hiring procedure’s progress leads to a more open and appealing experience, and won’t leave your candidate in the dark. Job seekers appreciate open communication from the start which in turn means higher engagement before day one. By choosing a platform that offers this feature fit for your company, you can ensure an easy and streamlined process for your candidate.
  • Complete Background Check Via Mobile Device. One of the most important elements of your screening platform is its attractive user experience on any device. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 9 in 10 applicants use their mobile device during the hiring process. 51% of companies surveyed by Sterling agree that having mobile access to complete a background check would improve the candidate experience; meanwhile, only 30% of companies use a background screening provider that offers this amenity currently. Using a mobile optimized platform can differentiate your applicant’s experience and place your company above the curve on this trend.
  • Digital Consent Forms with E-Signatures. The archaic practice of printing out, signing and scanning forms back onto the computer is not something job seekers enjoy. Digital consent forms are a major part of guaranteeing a dependable and easy experience for your candidates, helping to eliminate added stress.

Ensuring your candidate experience goes as smoothly as possible is an essential piece for your company to consider. Not only does it assist with employee engagement and retention, it can also help with employee referrals through social media, Glassdoor and other employee rating sites. According to a study done by CareerArc, 72% of candidates have shared a negative experience publicly either on social media or in person. Brand visibility, when positive, can do wonders for your HR department by bringing in an influx of qualified candidates, and on the flip side, can damage company reputation when negative. The key to staying visible and well advocated for is up-to-date and efficient technology that facilitates a positive candidate experience.

Sterling is here to help with all things onboarding and background screening. Read our Trends Report for more information on background screening best practices in the upcoming year and technological updates you don’t want to miss out on.

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