March 30th, 2017 | Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

SterlingONE Brings Ease to Background Screening

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Employee screening and onboarding new hires can be complex and time-consuming. With regulatory landscapes and the need to get good candidates in the door faster-streamlined, agile technology and processes are a daily requirement. Sterling offers bundled solutions that are designed to meet the screening and onboarding needs for your company. From the essentials, including criminal background checks, drug and health screening and easy-to-navigate candidate and employee portals and workflows, to ultimate solutions including Form I-9, new hire and custom forms we have the hiring process covered from end-to-end.

SterlingONE Brings Ease to Background Screening

Our cloud-based, proprietary technology platform, SterlingONE, unifies job candidate orders and data into a single, unified workflow so organizations can easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. SterlingONE is highly secure and regularly updated to meet the ever-changing compliance standards allowing our clients to manage their background screening programs seamlessly.

Every organization is different and will need to create specific background screening and onboarding process based on their needs. Companies want to be able to hire with confidence. Sterling’s hiring solutions will give HR professionals peace of mind that they are making the correct hiring decisions.

SterlingONE Updates

Sterling releases platform and product updates so our clients can be informed of the latest changes in the background screening industry. Our goal is to make the candidate hiring experience easier with positive changes happening for both the employer and the job candidate. SterlingONE makes it easy for candidates to initiate and complete screenings while also giving businesses the flexibility to add products and services onto existing orders and workflows.

Updated criminal records checks give a wider geographical scope (by metro and county) in a candidate’s criminal background screening while maintaining accurate results and fast turnaround times. By expanding the scope of the criminal records searches, a company can ensure that the right candidate becomes part of their workforce. Drug and health screening solutions will provide companies with more control and flexibility for the types of drug tests (if any) they will need for their employees. This is especially important with the changing medical and recreational marijuana use laws voted on in the last election.

On January 22, 2017, the United States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) updated Form I-9. To stay compliant with the U.S. government changes to the form, Sterling automatically made adjustments to SterlingONE to comply with the changes while at the same time simplifying the data entry process for candidates and employers. The update gives a more streamlined form to allow for a smoother onboarding experience and avoid delays in hiring dates.

Bishops Services executive reporting is now available on SterlingONE. The service provides the opportunity to order more thorough investigative reports for executives, board members and other high-impact hires. The executive investigation reports will allow a company to hire with confidence, knowing that they had performed due diligence on an executive candidate.

Sterling’s Commitment to Compliance

Sterling has an ongoing commitment to compliance. To be compliant with new EEOC or FCRA regulations, we continuously perform updates on SterlingONE to give a better overall user experience as well as be in line with the latest rule changes. Organizations who are concerned that they might not be in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines should review their current screening policies and talk to legal counsel. Companies have to take action to comply with the regulations by having a third party employment screening company and having legal counsel that is up-to-date on these changes.

SterlingONE delivers greater hiring efficiency from the decision to day one with exceptional cloud technology and customer service. We have the complete hiring solution from the time your company makes an offer to a candidate through background screening to onboarding. The ultimate goal that Sterling strives for every day is to improve and simplify the client and candidate experience for background screening and onboarding. We want to maximize the hiring workflow efficiency for both candidates and employers. Learn more about how to transform your company’s hiring process to improve the candidate experience on Sterling website. To take your screening and onboarding to the next level, call us now at 800-899-2271!

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