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September 21 | 2020

Covid Testing: The Key to Trust, Safety, and Agility in a Time of Uncertainty

Safety is always at the forefront for educators and school administrations. Before 2020, the fo...

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September 3 | 2020

Vincenza Caruso-Valente of Sterling: The Future of...

Interview written and published by Authority Magazine. As part of our series a...

August 31 | 2020

SIA Analyzes the Impacts of Covid-19 & Backgr...

August 26 | 2020

Court closures during Covid-19 cause background ch...

Employers request background checks to verify that a potential hire is who they claim to be and such efforts often include a check of the individual’s criminal record. However, courts across the country are restricting access to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which is resulting in delays in background checks of potential hires, according t...

August 24 | 2020

Remote hiring: How to hire new talent safely and e...

There’s a new normal for the way we work and the way we conduct business,...

July 29 | 2020

Sterling Launches End-to-End Covid-19 Health Testi...

July 20 | 2020

Background Screeners Turn to Covid-19 Testing

Looking for help with testing employees for Covid-19? Try your background screener. Background-screening companies have begun offering Covid-19 testing and administration services as a natural extension of their existing business offerings. These providers, which conduct pre-employment background checks on job candidates, are leveraging relationshi...

FCRA Quarterly Webinar

In this series of quarterly updates, compliance expert, Joe Rotondo, discusses recent and upcoming changes in state and federal legislation as it relates to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). He also shares recent case studies, highlighting what you should watch out for to remain compliant.

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License Monitoring for Healthcare Employers
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Beyond Covid-19: The Future of Background Screening & Identity Verification
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Building a Strategy of Trust and Safety in the Restaurant Industry Amid Covid-19
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