AVI-SPL Speeds Processes, Remains Compliant With Sterling's Help

When Kelley Dias-Azcona, Employee Engagement Specialist with AVI-SPL’s Human Resources department, started her role with the company, the team was already using Sterling’s services. Kelley explains that she had used other background screening providers in the past, so she was unsure what to expect with Sterling.

“When I was introduced to Sterling, I was thrilled by how great its customer service was,” Kelley explains. “It’s unlike anything I’d seen before from a screening partner.” Even after a recent AVI-SPL acquisition, there was an opportunity for Kelley and her team to look at other potential providers. But Kelley says she was adamant about continuing to work with Sterling to further the partnership.

Delivering Timely Results Compliantly

When it comes to making hiring decisions, Kelley explains, time is of the essence for AVI-SPL. The organization simply cannot wait long for background check results, whether a delay may result from a candidate not providing all of the necessary information, or if the organization needs to onboard someone very quickly. Sterling partners with Kelley’s team to streamline the process and help complete background checks in a timely manner.

While delivering background check results quickly is important, AVI-SPL also looks to Sterling to provide best-practice insights regarding regulatory compliance updates. Not only is AVI-SPL a federal contractor, Kelley explains, but it also has many international accounts, so it’s crucial for the HR team to run the right global background checks in accordance with international compliance obligations. Kelley says that her team has peace of mind knowing that Sterling’s solutions are built on a foundation of regulatory compliance.

Providing a Personal Touch

It’s not just Sterling’s service offerings and technology that helps AVI-SPL, Kelley relates. There is a human component that Sterling provides that enhances the partnership and allows Kelley and her team to be successful, she states.

“Every time that I communicate with the Sterling team, I feel a true sense of care not just about results, but also about me and my team personally,” she explains, adding that she has felt this way about Sterling since day one.

Further, Kelley states, there are times when she and her team may need clarification or next-step guidance on certain items that are surfaced as part of a background check. With other screening providers that Kelley has worked with in the past, she says, rarely was she able to get those types of inquiries answered. With Sterling, she relates, her team’s questions are always answered, and done so quickly.

Sterling also provides business reviews for AVI-SPL to help Kelley and her team get a monthly, quarterly, and yearly view of screening service performance results. These assessments are thoroughly done, Kelley states, adding that her team finds them incredibly useful.

Support During COVID-19

AVI-SPL uses multiple screening service packages from Sterling for both domestic and global operations. Kelley explains that during the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, her team ran into some issues with standard pre employment drug test processes.

A few of the labs that AVI-SPL had been working with were not doing drug screenings due to the challenges they encountered surrounding COVID-19 testing. Sterling’s Drug and Health Screening team was able to quickly find labs for AVI-SPL that were not hampered by COVID-19 testing challenges in order to resume standard drug screening processes.

“A process that would have probably been very difficult with another screening partner was seamless,” Kelley states. “The Sterling team jumped right in and helped solve the problem immediately.”

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When I was introduced to Sterling, I was thrilled by how great its customer service was. It’s unlike anything I’d seen before from a screening partner.
Kelley Dias-Azcona
Employee Engagement Specialist, Human Resources, AVI-SPL
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