Sterling Clears Path for Background Screenings Amid COVID-19

We Continue to Fulfill Background Screening In Over 99% of US Jurisdictions
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Now more than ever, getting people back to work is critical. At Sterling, we are “all hands on deck” to get new employees onboarded with timely, accurate screenings that gets them back into the workforce quickly and safely. We understand that companies should not have to choose between fast hiring and the safe cultures they have come to rely on. We are committed to delivering fast, accurate, reliable background screening and identity services under all circumstances.

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We are witnessing urgent demand in certain industries as a result of our collective response of social distancing to win the battle against this pandemic:

  • Healthcare companies need more staff to help sick people
  • Online retailers need more distribution workers to ensure people can safely get supplies they need in their homes
  • The gig economy needs more people, both to meet the demand created by consumers under lockdown who still need services while providing income sources for people who are out of work
  • Staffing firms need to onboard people at unprecedented rates to help all of these industries

Unfortunately, we are hearing from those same companies that they are unable to fulfill the most basic criminal checks because of widespread court closures, causing some providers in our industry to quote 30% or more background checks they can’t complete. This puts critical industries in an untenable position of having to trade off safety for saving lives. At Sterling, we don’t believe companies should have to make this choice, especially at a time like this, and we don’t understand why they are being forced to make this trade off. We are already helping many companies avoid this impossible choice.

In fact, we are currently fulfilling background screenings in over 99% of US jurisdictions. This is thanks to our:

  • Proprietary end-to-end automation that allows us to access court information
  • Global partner network that supplies additional fulfillment capabilities

If you need to scale your workforce quickly and are having challenges completing background screenings, we’re here for you. We are offering flexible no-commitment contracts so you can onboard quickly during this crisis.

If you are a screening provider who is struggling to deliver complete services due to court closures, we’re here for you. We will partner with you to deliver screenings you can’t fulfill due to current challenges. While there’s a time for competition, now is the time to come together to get people back to work.

If you provide platform services in the Human Capital Management (HCM) space and need to deliver pre-employment screenings, we’re here for you. We will work with you to quickly integrate our services into your platform so you can keep fulfilling on your promises to your users.

Now is the time to support people getting to work and setting aside business as usual. Sterling is here to help. Reach out to us today by filling out the form below. Please note this is not for self-background checks. If you are a candidate, click here.

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