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Verification checks help confirm that the person you’re hiring has the qualifications to perform the job. Let us take the load off your teams with fast, thorough verifications of your candidate’s job history and skills, educational background, and other credentials, so you can build your company culture with confidence.
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7 in 10 people in a recent survey admitted they lied on their resume at least once. 1
52% of candidates who lied inflated work experience. 1

1 The Truth About Lying to Get a Job,, 2023

A Better Verification Check Experience

We use a calculated blend of automation enhancements combined with purposeful specialist outreach to deliver a better, faster global verification experience.
  • Strategic automations help accelerate time-to-hire
  • Logic-driven data collection streamlines the candidate experience
  • Extensive source contact database helps drive faster successful completions
  • Dedicated regional teams adhere to verification best practices, reducing your risk

Streamline Your Candidate Experience

We’ve strategically designed candidate information collection to get more complete data up front, reducing candidate outreach. If extra information is needed, Sterling provides a secure, seamless way for candidates to easily supply verification details from any device.

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Our Top Verification Services

Sterling’s background and identity services are designed for today’s modern global workforce. Our robust suite of verification services can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and requirements.

Employment verifications are conducted in the US and globally. This service is used to verify a candidate’s employment history and records with HR, payroll, or third-party providers. It can include periods of traditional employment, as well as temp agency assignments, military history, and periods of self-employment.

Personal/Professional Reference verifications are conducted in the US and globally. This service helps in verifying a candidate’s character and work proficiency.

Sterling verifies employment with Department of Transportation-regulated companies. It confirms job title, start/end dates, reason for leaving, prior accidents, injuries, and other DOT mandated info.

Conducted in the US and globally, education verifications are used to verify a candidate’s education history and records with school registers or third-party providers such as the collegiate, high school, GED, and home-schooling levels.

Credential verifications are conducted in the US and globally. Such a service comes in handy when verifying many types of licenses and credentials such as financial FINRA checks, nursing licenses, medical licenses, and others.

70% of our employment verifications complete on day 2 using tech-assisted employment fulfillment.

Capture More Meaningful Insights

Collaborate with Sterling’s regional industry experts to match your business needs with a scalable verification strategy that delivers the right results for your organization. Optimizing your verification program helps you achieve the correct balance of outreach to the verifying source, collection of document proof where desired, and timeliness to completion that meets your unique goals and hiring objectives.

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