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Know who you're hiring by collecting accurate candidate data upfront.
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Verify Identity Before Starting a Background Check

Background checks in the US are dependent on candidates providing accurate and complete identity information. Candidates may either intentionally or accidentally provide inaccurate identity information. This makes verifying candidate-provided data an important first step in the hiring process.
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Identity is verified during background checks.
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Background checks are often dependent on candidates providing accurate data, such as their name and date of birth.
Identity is typically checked post-employment during Form I-9.

Identity Verification, an Essential Step to Improve Background Checks

There’s a common misconception that background checks automatically verify candidate identity. Most background checks depend on manually entered information such as a correct date of birth and complete name. Intentional or accidental errors can go undetected and lead to incorrect background check results. Identity verification is designed to bridge this gap by improving the accuracy of candidate-provided data.
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Protect Your Brand and Reputation

With thousands of data breaches happening every year, identity theft and fraud are a real concern. Companies need more confidence than ever that their candidates are who they say they are.
At the same time, companies are hiring more remote and gig workers, making in-person identity verification challenging. That’s where digital identity verification comes in. Verify candidate identity whether an employee joins your team in the physical workplace or works remotely, miles away.
of data breaches involved personal data, such as names, phone numbers, and physical addresses 1
Identity theft incidents reported in 2020 2
Screenshots of + Sterling demo
Screenshots of + Sterling demo
Screenshots of + Sterling demo
Screenshots of + Sterling demo

Sterling + A Simple, Trusted Way to Verify Identity

Sterling and partnered to design a customizable identity verification solution to integrate into your screening processes. Choose from several verification methods that allow candidates to verify their identity anywhere, anytime.
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Multiple Paths to Verify Identity

Incorporate one or more of the following identity verification methods into your pre-hire process. From simple identity verification options all the way to NIST 800-63-3/IAL2 proofing standards, Sterling helps you find the right solution for your unique needs.

Verify that the SIM card in a mobile device is associated with the candidate’s identity. Evaluate tenure of account, device location, and fraud history.

Scan, verify, and parse document images using machine vision to extract content, leveraging a proprietary database of rules and AI to verify document authenticity.

Liveness detection and advanced machine learning technologies match a government identity document to the candidate’s selfie image.

Verify a candidate’s biographic information, such as name, address, and other identifying information, against credit bureau records.

Individuals complete identity proofing with a trained “Trusted Referee” via video conferencing.

Easily Track Covid-19 Vaccination Status

Digitally track employee Covid-19 vaccination status so you can bring workers and customers safely into your place of business.
Sterling, in partnership with, is excited to introduce Covid-19 digital vaccination status with verified identity.
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Modernize the Candidate Experience

Show candidates that your business is committed to creating a safe workplace with fast, modern, and convenient technology that enhances the candidate’s journey.
  • Minimize candidate data collection
  • Accelerate time-to-hire to secure top talent
  • Verify candidate identity remotely
  • Deter and detect potential identity fraud at the very start of candidate engagement
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