Covid-19 Vaccine Collection

A simple and convenient way to manage and track Covid-19 vaccination status.
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Your Return-to-Workplace Plan Made Easier

As Covid-19 cases continue to fluctuate nationwide, companies are challenged with how to operate with minimal disruption, while creating trust and safety in the workplace.

Sterling invested in innovative solutions and services to help ease the burden. Most recently, we introduced an easy and convenient way to help you manage and track Covid-19 vaccination status to protect your workforce. Leveraging 45 years of screening and compliance experience, we have the industry’s leading technology and team of experts coming together to help guide and inform your Return-to-Workplace program.

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Sterling’s Covid-19 Vaccine Collection offers:

  • A tailored, flexible program that can be customized to fit your business needs
  • A centralized, tech-enabled solution that collects Covid-19 vaccination status with ease
  • Broad coverage across your workplace – including employees, contractors, and others you do business with
  • We can assist with matching personal identifiable information (PII) to first name, last name, and date of birth (DOB), and verify that vaccination documentation is attached
  • Conveniently access and pull vaccine collection results via standard reporting

The Covid-19 Vaccine Imperative

With the fluctuation of Covid-19 cases nationwide, employers are looking for trusted and easy-to-use Covid-19 solutions and services to keep their employees and customers safe.
Biden Administration Mandates
On November 4, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced the mandate requiring Covid-19 vaccines and testing for employers with 100+ employees. The regulation is an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) and can be found in the Federal Register.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, as well as state or local laws may impact vaccine mandates. Consult with your legal counsel before implementing a mandatory vaccination program.

We Do the Work So You Can Focus on Your Business

Sterling can help you with the heavy lifting to coordinate your Covid-19 vaccine collection and status tracking in a centralized, tech-enabled manner. As your trusted partner, we will:

  • Send emails to employees or candidates to upload Covid-19 vaccine documentation
  • Implement custom questions based on your business needs and requirements (if desired)
  • Work with employees/candidates to provide consent and information via the Sterling Hub
  • Check whether personal identifiable information matches first name, last name, and DOB in the Candidate Hub, and attachment appears to be a Vaccination document (if desired)
  • Collect data that’s available for employer once the process is complete
  • Provide you with a view of who has provided vaccination documents to facilitate easy follow up and next steps
An asian woman and male co-workers bumping elbows. Both are wearing masks.

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