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Criminal Record Checks

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February 14 | 2018

Five Critical Steps of Criminal Record Check Compliance

Each organization is unique and requires unique solutions for the hiring process to allow com...

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February 6 | 2018

Criminal Record Checks 101

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word, background che...

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September 21 | 2017

Your Candidate Has A Criminal Record: Now What? [I...

Sterling recently surveyed 500+ US-based employers in 33 industries about their background screening use to gain key insights into emerging trends, technology and more. The 2017 Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Report uncovered details about how HR professionals think about the components of the hiring process and how they relate t...

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August 14 | 2017

Promoting Safety by Conducting Background Screenin...

The word “safe” has many meanings and can vary per person and the surroundin...

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July 7 | 2017

SterlingONE Enhancements Uncomplicates the Onboard...

Employers focus on making the onboarding process easier for new employees. But, what about making the process easier for HR professionals? Today, HR professionals have continually shifting priorities, internal demands, technology updates and changes to the job market. In a competitive market, employers can no longer afford to have anything less tha...

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HR Legislation in the Stoned Age: Marijuana Legalization

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