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Gig Basic Package

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Our Gig Basic packaging offers:

  • SSN Trace – Compares SSN to credit header and public records data. Locates possible alternative names or addresses associated with the SSN.
  • Locator Select – Queries over 3,500 jurisdictions for bookings and incarcerations within a minimum of the last 7 years.
  • Nationwide Criminal History Search – Searches over 900 criminal information databases using full name and date of birth of worker.
  • DOJ Sex Offender Search – Nationwide search through Federal Department of Justice Registry including D.C. and U.S. territories. (Excludes Nevada)
  • Extended Global Sanctions – In-depth searches of restrictions, sanctions, and exclusions across more than 240 countries and organizations including OFAC and FBI.
People trust UZURV to take their most fragile clients from point A to point B. Because of our business model, we needed a screening company that operated at the same high level of care. We chose Sterling.”

Trish FitzPatrick,

VP Corporate Outreach,
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Justin Brant
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