CUSTOMER STORY: Healthcare Solutions Company

Global Pharmaceutical Products and Healthcare Solutions Firm

When you choose Sterling, you not only have a business relationship, but also a personal relationship to take it to the next level. Sterling makes us feel like its only client, which is special, and it provides us with confidence in our hiring compliance, which is essential.
- Director of Associate Relations and Compliance

A global pharmaceutical products and healthcare solutions firm with 150 offices worldwide and over 20,000 associates around the globe provides pharmaceutical products and business solutions that improve access to care and create healthier futures.

In search of a single, trusted source

The organization was using separate companies for background checks and drug screening, and was performing education and employment verifications in-house. It needed a trusted, single source that could conduct more comprehensive background checks.

The company hires a wide spectrum of employees, ranging from technicians to senior executives, and must comply with DEA and other state, local, and federal regulations. Balancing compliance obligations with faster turnaround times for background checks is critical in this industry amid a tight job market.

Robust, reliable, agile solution

Since 2012, Sterling has provided a dedicated team to work with the organization’s Director of Associate Relations and Compliance and her staff to tailor background screening packages to the company’s evolving needs.

Sterling offers a wide spectrum of services while adhering to strict regulations, such as those required by the DOT, DEA, and other applicable regulatory bodies. Additionally, Sterling’s solutions are able to integrate with all major ATS systems.

Sterling created a robust, reliable, and agile screening package on one easy-to-use platform to include criminal checks, verifications, and drug screening. Sterling seamlessly integrated with the company’s ATS system, allowing the Director to streamline her hiring process while also keeping her team informed of regulatory changes.

Peace of mind and hiring with confidence

By partnering with Sterling, this firm has achieved the confidence and peace of mind that it is hiring the right employees. Sterling provides the Director with reporting about success KPIs, including turnaround time and hit rates. In fact, turnaround time has dropped substantially, according to the Director, with 90% of its screenings coming back in one to two business days.

The Sterling Healthcare team continuously shares valuable information about background check processing times and compliance updates to the Director and her staff so they can educate their recruiters and hiring managers in order to benchmark their results and meet the industry’s standards.

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