CUSTOMER STORY: City and County of Denver, CO

Denver Cuts Background Check Turnaround Time, Improves Candidate Experience

Amy Jewell

Talent Acquisition Manager,
City and County of Denver

Partnering to streamline

As a multi-industry employer hiring people for roles in public safety, city planning, airport operations, technology services, public health, recreation, human services, economic development and more, the City and County of Denver considers its nine-year partnership with Sterling as integral to achieving its goal of streamlining the hiring experience.

“We’ve continued to stay with Sterling because of the level of customer service we receive from our account managers in helping us achieve our objectives,” explains Amy Jewell, Talent Acquisition Manager for the City and County of Denver.

In the last year alone, Sterling was able to help us take 1.8 days off our average turnaround time for background checks. I’m really happy with that number.”
Cutting turnaround time

Moreover, Amy says, Sterling has helped her team reduce its overall turnaround time for background checks.

“Working together,” she relates, “we always look at how we handle our hiring processes to see if there are ways we can make them more efficient. In the last year alone, Sterling was able to help us take 1.8 days off our average turnaround time for background checks. I’m really happy with that number.”

Understanding the business

Speaking further about her team’s partnership with Sterling, Amy notes what she’s come to expect in terms of client service and a clear understanding of her business.

“Along with providing quick answers to questions,” she explains, “working with a partner that really knows our business is critical. Sterling knows what we’re trying to achieve and how to help us get there. They truly understand our seasonal hiring volumes and peaks, for example, and so I trust the information they are giving us is relevant. They also speak in layman’s terms to explain the background check process to hiring managers that may not have in-depth knowledge about it.” Amy relates that the latter has helped when her team runs international background checks, which sometimes can take  longer than those for domestic candidates.

Whether it’s quarterly business reviews, or guidance on leading practices in background checks, or looking at different technology options, Sterling always listens and makes sure that we’re getting a comprehensive package that also saves the city money.”
Improving the candidate experience

Amy concludes that she places great value not only in what Sterling offers her own team, but to the candidates that the City and County of Denver seeks to hire.

“We like that Sterling offers the tools to put things in the hands of our candidates to fill out their consent and background information really quickly,” she states. “We used to do a lot of paper consent forms, but now we’re able to drive people to the online portal. It’s easy to understand and navigate, and now it’s optimized for mobile so our potential hires can do it quickly and easily right from their phones. This is good for us, too, because it helps to make our candidate experience better,” concludes Amy.

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