March 29th, 2019 | Sterling

Sterling Celebrates Women’s History Month: Women in Tech Industry

In this closing edition of our Women’s History Month series, we celebrate Sterling women in technology roles. These are just some of the Sterling women, who are breaking the stereotypes, celebrating their diversity, and exemplifying inclusion! In culminating twin posts, we share quick bytes from the inspiring journey of six women!

Left to right: Ramya, Pratiksha & Nani

Women in Tech 01:

Meet Ramya Rajshekhar, Director, Technology Program Management; Pratiksha Chauhan, Senior Product Manager, Platform Services; and, Nani Pratt, User Experience Designer, Product Team, (pictured left to right) based out of our Sterling office in Bellevue, WA.
Ramya’s initial academic interest in computers and technology, led her to pursue a career in the Software Industry. As a team leader and project/program manager, the discipline holds traits that come naturally to Ramya: driving for results, organizing, planning, and communicating. Ramya draws inspiration from women who achieve success with grace. Indra Nooyi, Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama’s determination to make world a better place truly sets them apart. The age-old wisdom of Indian scriptures, the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita, draw awe and admiration from Ramya.
Pratiksha breaks down her career choice to two reasons: one, to help build and scale innovative product and technology solutions that companies can use every day to get their critical work done. And two, to work with and learn from some of the smartest people in the industry!
Meanwhile, Nani started school absolutely convinced that she was going to be a doctor and ended up finishing school in Graphic Design! Fascinated by terms such as “Agile Software Consulting”, “Requirements Gathering,” or “User Experience and Rapid Prototyping” while they were still nascent in their usage, she was drawn more so by what they entailed – culmination of design and analytics, asking critical questions that put people first.

Celebrating Women’s History Month is Important Because. . .

Ramya is a strong supporter, she levies great importance to the need of balance-for-better, and reinforcing the messaging around women empowerment, gender equality, and diversity by highlighting the contributions of women. “Building awareness around gaps and inspiring future generations to bring about change one family at a time, one team at a time, and one conversation at a time,” says Ramya.
Pratiksha echoes the thought with her belief system on the need to establish equal status for men and women and the unique perspective that women bring to the table. Pratiksha believes in celebrating women who have broken barriers, so that more women feel empowered to claim their own spot in the sun.
Nani mulls over the fact that there exist numerous examples of men gaining the spotlight, meanwhile women’s similar achievements disappear into oblivion. “History is full of women who are forgotten and unsung, perpetuating a false invisibility. By looking at our past and celebrating it, we can then pave the way for our future,” says Nani.

Mission Driven Camaraderie at Sterling:

Ramya identifies with the Sterling’s mission of keeping the world safe and acknowledges it as a true challenge as well as a prerogative of our times. Not one to shy from a challenge, she regards it as an honor to contribute directly to the cause. Pratiksha loves the ability to move faster, work closer, multi-task, and hold a bigger chance of making an impact by working at Sterling. “Also, the wonderful people and the flexible work environment at Sterling have always been some of the reasons I’ve loved working here,” she adds. As for Nani, “I love my team! The user experience team is a tightly knit group, and our work touches everything that Sterling does. It’s amazing and exciting to be at a company where our work is respected and relied on!”

On Their Bookshelves:

Nani: Recently finished ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. One of her favorite books is ‘Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss, for its swords, magic, and dragons, but more so for its complexity and realism in the protagonist’s journey through a high fantasy setting.
Ramya: ‘Power of Moments’ by Chip and Dan Heath, builds a powerful narrative on the impact of leaders and its applicability to all. It’s about recognizing and creating more meaningful, memorable “moments,” rather than leaving them to chance. Also, any ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ pick one up to boost your mood today!
Pratiksha: ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Harari, its narrative on humanity’s creation and evolution, how we came to dominate the Earth, and what may lie ahead for our species is fascinating.

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