CUSTOMER STORY: BioReference Laboratories

Clinical Lab Elevates New-Hire Quality While Getting a Firmer Grip on Compliance

From a compliance perspective, we feel more protected by outsourcing our background checks and drug and health screening to Sterling.”
- Robert Jameson, Manager of HR Analytics & System Support
Finding the right background screening partner

BioReference Laboratories did not initially utilize a third-party background screening provider. It performed background checks and drug screening in-house, which eventually led to a variety of employee relations and compliance issues. As a company that runs over 1,200 background checks each year, BioReference needed to have a background screening partner and program in place that enabled it to hire the most qualified field team to represent the organization.

Hiring the best representatives

Since 2015, Sterling’s sales and account teams have worked closely with BioReference’s human resources (HR) team to provide background check services that continue to meet the organization’s various needs. The screening program – which includes drug screening, verifications, criminal checks, and driving record checks – gives the BioReference team peace of mind that they are hiring the best representatives for the company.

Higher-quality hires

After developing a robust background screening program with Sterling that follows the proper hiring compliance guidelines, BioReference has seen a positive difference in the quality of its new hires. In addition to being able to manage compliance regulations more effectively, the company also found that its employee turnover rate was lower, and that candidates were showing more interest in wanting to work for the company.

Moreover, Sterling integrated with BioReference’s ATS system, reducing the complexity of the entire hiring process and enabling the company’s HR team to streamline its new-hire program.

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