CUSTOMER STORY: Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

Non-Profit Healthcare Organization Turns to Sterling for Consultative Partnership

Hospitals can be inherently vulnerable settings, where patients rely on the quality of the hiring decisions made by the organization to help them get and stay healthy. To that end, this healthcare organization sought a background check services partner that not only offers a robust background screening program to help secure the best medical talent, but that also possesses deep knowledge about the healthcare industry itself.

Healthcare expertise

“The partnership we have with Sterling is very strong primarily because of the healthcare knowledge that they bring to us,” the Client Services Manager shared.

With Sterling, he believes, the company has a true screening partner that goes beyond selling transactional items. The strength in the partnership is rooted in getting prudent guidance quickly.

Sterling’s accuracy and speed are helping me fix issues and get things done fast.  
Client Services Manager
Quick responses to questions

“We always get an answer in a timely manner from Sterling. I work with two other partner organizations, and I cannot say that I get a satisfying answer from them every time I have a question.”

Speaking further to what Sterling offers his team, the manager notes that they are not the only ones benefiting from the relationship.

“It’s also great for my internal facilities partners, hiring managers, and our recruiting team overall,” he says. “For example, something that may take us two weeks to get done internally can often be done by Sterling in two or three days. Sterling’s accuracy and speed are helping me fix issues and get things done fast.”

Consultative approach is key

In addition to fast turnaround times, the hospital’s spokesman appreciates the consultative approach that Sterling offers.

“Knowing that Sterling has eyes on our market is beneficial for me,” he explains, “because you let me know about best practices, and what others do and don’t do in my industry.”

But what’s even more valuable is Sterling’s regulatory compliance knowledge. “From an overall perspective, not a lot of people at our organization have a strong understanding of the compliance landscape,” he explains. “Sterling really makes a big difference for us in that area.”

We can’t afford to wait when it comes to understanding or resolving compliance issues. I’m very impressed by how quickly we get responses and guidance from Sterling in this area in particular.
About Sterling

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