CUSTOMER STORY: Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness Screens Faster, Improves Hiring Efficiencies with Sterling and UKG Pro™ Integration

Like many gyms that compete for top talent in a competitive job market, Crunch Fitness needed to automate Its hiring process, improve hiring efficiencies, and optimize the candidate experience. To do so, Crunch sought a trusted criminal background check partner that could reduce screening turnaround times and provide a strong integration with UltiPro Recruiting.

Eliminating Manual Processes

Crunch previously worked with a criminal background check provider that did not integrate with UKG Pro™. As a result, its hiring process involved extensive manual processes and duplicate data entry, and it lacked transparency to where a candidate was at in the hiring process. Once a background check was initiated, the turnaround time often took up to three days.

Lengthy turnaround times coupled with the manual processes required to move a candidate through the hiring process resulted in reduced staff productivity and the loss of quality candidates. Once Crunch decided to make a change, the implementation timeline was aggressive. The company needed a screening provider that could get the integration up and running quickly, and provide the support needed to have its staff fully trained within a month.

Finding the Right Partner

Crunch evaluated potential background screening providers against some of its key criteria, including turnaround time, report quality, candidate experience, customer support, and integration capabilities with UKG Pro™.

“When we were evaluating criminal background check providers, finding a vendor with a strong integration with UKG Pro™ was critical for us,” says Charlotte Gagnier, Human Resources Coordinator for Crunch. “Sterling clearly has a solid partnership with UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), which was a huge confidence boost for us.”

After vetting multiple vendors, Crunch determined that Sterling was the best fit for its needs. “Since our very first discussions, we have been very impressed with Sterling,” Charlotte states.

Sterling's team is incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to really understand our goals and to ensure we were set up for success.
Charlotte Gagnier
Human Resources Coordinator, Crunch Fitness
Seamless Integration Process

To ensure a smooth implementation process, Crunch worked with a dedicated Sterling account manager and was supported by a team with strong expertise in the Sterling and UKG Pro™ integration. Sterling’s team guided Crunch from start to finish, and provided support following the implementation.

Charlotte relates that the integration process into its existing systems was smooth. “The process was seamless, and Sterling provided us with the support we needed to get up and running quickly,” she explains. “This saved us significant time and made the transition for our staff incredibly easy,” adding that the pre-built integration was user friendly and thus allowed her team to learn the system quickly and confidently.

Up and Running Quickly

Within one month of signing the contract, the Crunch staff was fully trained and Sterling’s integration with UKG Pro™ was set up, tested, and live.

“We needed to move forward quickly, and Sterling went above and beyond to ensure it happened,” Charlotte states. “The support we have received has been exceptional, and the transition and implementation process was seamless. Since moving to Sterling and integrating our background screening process with UKG Pro™, we have consistently received positive feedback from hiring managers and from our candidates.”

Reducing Turnaround from Three Days to 24 Hours

By partnering with Sterling, Crunch has reduced its background screening turnaround times for most checks from three days to 24 hours. Sterling’s integration with UKG Pro™ has also allowed Crunch to accelerate its hiring process and reduce manual processes by 20%. Recruiters can now initiate background checks more efficiently and view screening status updates based on where the candidate is at in the process.

Using Sterling’s mobile-first technology, candidates can now provide information from their smartphones to HR managers, and more quickly complete background checks. This has improved candidate engagement and increased completion rates.

“We’ve improved our candidate’s experience, expedite our hiring process, and make a positive first impression during the recruitment process,” Charlotte asserts.

Key Benefits
  • Reduced background screening turnaround time from three days to 24 hours
  • Reduced manual processes and duplicate data entry by 20%
  • Improved candidate experience
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