CUSTOMER STORY: Behavioral Healthcare Provider

Behavioral Healthcare Provider Optimizes HR Operations and Candidate Experience

Creating efficiencies streamlines operations

For a national behavioral healthcare provider, Sterling’s ability to generate efficiencies for the company’s background screening processes had a major impact on streamlining its day-to-day operations.

“Sterling was the partner that could really meet our needs, from integrating with our ATS and HRIS to the numerous solutions they’re able to provide as a single source of services,” the HR specialist explains.

Because we're able to get things done from one place, we can get candidates in the door faster.

Sterling’s established relationships with state and local governments has also helped the HR team capitalize on efficiencies.

“For example, some states have cumbersome processes for access to resources, and we had difficulty creating scalable business practices with our last vendor,” the HR specialist says. “When we brought these challenges to Sterling, they had a solution. They’ve been able to partner with state governments to accept the authorization forms and connect with different sources seamlessly.”

Support from a dedicated team

The client feels confidence knowing that in Sterlinghis team has a trusted group of healthcare subject matter experts it can turn to for ongoing guidance. 

“We started out with a salesperson, and then we had a customer service representative and our client success manager,” he says. “In other words, it wasn’t just an account manager helping us solve challenges. It was really a team effort on their side that knew our space, making us a priority to get what we needed done, done.”

As an example, the HR specialist points to partnership on an initiative to provide better drug screening options for the firm’s rural applicants.

A first in the nation

This client has several very rural facilities where drug screening had been a challenge simply because the service locations were so remote, and they don’t do on-site testing. The firm’s previous background screening vendor couldn’t find viable collection sites for drug screens. But Sterling found a solution, and was able to merge Quest, LabCorp, and eScreen together in the company’s system to use all three networks. They were one of the first healthcare companies in the nation to have done that.

Custom-fit solution

The client notes that his company has also benefited from Sterling’s account customization capabilities. This organization has multiple companies under its umbrella, which can lead to confusion for applicants.

“They each have their own names, their own logos, and their own mission statements, but they’re under the parent umbrella,” he explains. “It was confusing to our candidates because they were applying to, say, one Behavioral Health company, but would see the parent company’s branding and wonder what company they were joining. Sterling went above and beyond and customized each candidate portal by the brand and location where they were seeking employment. That was really beneficial in that it decreased candidate confusion and eased the process of gathering information.”

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