RISQ Group, the Asia-Pacific Screening Arm of Sterling Since 2016

May 9th, 2019

NEW YORK, NY (May 9, 2019) — Sterling, a leading provider of background and identity services, today announced that RISQ Group—which was acquired by Sterling in 2016 and has since been the go-to employment screener and verification expert for the Asia Pacific region—has relaunched as Sterling RISQ.

“Building on years of frontline employment screening and verification experience, Sterling RISQ is committed to delivering unrivaled strength, speed and market expertise for our clients. Our constant investment in technology combined with our unwavering client focus provide next generation screening and verification capabilities that ensure our clients are safer, stronger and well ahead of the curve,” said Elizabeth Fitzell, Managing Director, Sterling RISQ.

Among Sterling RISQ’s services:

  • Identity: Identity verification using a variety of means from verification of the candidate’s recognized identity card and/or passport or collection and cross referencing of nominated identity documents.
  • Credentials: Credential verifications to verify if your candidate has the work experience, the education qualifications, the professional memberships and/or trade licenses they state they have.
  • Integrity: A holistic, comprehensive approach to managing privacy, legal and regulatory requirements relating to global background screening trusted by more than 25,000 customers globally.
  • Rescreening: Continuous ongoing screening which can alert you to potential risks from staff, reducing the prevalence of insider threats which range from embezzlement, fraud and theft to violent behavior.

The rebranding from RISQ Group to Sterling RISQ is part of the rollout of Sterling’s global strategy, announced in March, that will bring all Sterling international operations and business units under the Sterling brand umbrella.

“We are thrilled to have our premier background screening provider in the Asia Pacific region officially under the Sterling name,” said Josh Peirez, CEO, Sterling. “As we continue to expand our global reach and services, Sterling RISQ’s focus is helping organizations in the region deliver safer environments and trusted customer experiences.”

Sterling RISQ’s offices span across the Asia Pacific region, with locations in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.

Full details on Sterling RISQ can be found at www.sterlingrisq.com.

About Sterling RISQ

As one of the leading background screening providers in the Asia Pacific region, Sterling RISQ helps deliver safer environments and trusted customer experiences. It starts with powerful technology and the most extensive data sources in the industry. Our adaptive background screening, onboarding, and client-centric solutions are tailored to fit your specific needs. Formally known as RISQ Group, the company was established in 1995 as an Asia Pacific focused background screening specialist. In 2016, RISQ was acquired by Sterling and has since been fully integrated into the global business. Visit Sterling RISQ online at www.sterlingrisq.com.

About Sterling

Sterling—a leading provider of background and identity services—provides a foundation of trust and safety that spans across industries, professions and borders. Our technology-powered services help organizations create great environments for their workers, partners and customers. Sterling has 20 offices in nine countries and conducts more than 75 million searches annually. Visit Sterling online at www.sterlingcheck.com.

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