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January 22nd, 2019
iCIMS Prime Connector

Sterling CEO, Billy Greenblatt, explains the benefits of investing in iCIMS Prime Connector integration technology – “providing a more comprehensive, time-saving experience for employers and candidates alike.”

Leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, iCIMS Inc., has recently announced the debut of a pair of products designed to better the recruitment process for candidates and employers alike: iCIMS Offer and Prime Connector.

“iCIMS has made a concerted investment in enhancing the user experience by directly addressing the everyday challenges employers face in a highly complex and competitive hiring environment,” said Al Smith, iCIMS’ Chief Technology Officer. “Recruiters lose too much time logging in and out of various software systems and open their organization up to data integrity issues when integration is poor or non-existent. Businesses also risk compliance missteps and a poor candidate experience when self-administering job offer agreements. We’re confident that the latest addition to the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, Offer, along with the rapid activation and consistent user experience of Prime Connector will have great impact for our partners, customers, and their job candidates.”


Today, nearly every employer uses either multiple systems or a manual process to create, approve, and extend personalized job offers. As a result, the all-important final stage of the hiring process is costly, complex and risks losing candidates. Due to frustration in the market with a lack of dedicated offer management software, iCIMS developed an end-to-end solution for this critical part of the hiring phase, making it the first recruiting software provider to deliver a holistic job offer solution.

iCIMS Offer enables employers to efficiently manage the entire offer process within the iCIMS Talent Platform by:

  • Expediting the offer and approval process, delivering a better experience for candidates.
  • Improving privacy and data compliance with permission, template and clause management.
  • Increasing collaboration across recruiter, hiring manager and candidate.
  • Automatically pulling candidate and job information from existing profiles and workflows.

“Supporting modern talent acquisition operations today requires more than bells and whistles. iCIMS has proven time and again that they can support the complexities of enterprises big and small by prioritizing utility over bauble in their product strategy,” said Kyle Lagunas, research manager for IDC’s Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition and Staffing. “Offer is a perfect example, as it gives business the tools they need to create a repeatable, consistent process to manage offers reducing the risk of losing candidates so late in the recruiting process – improving the hiring experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.”

iCIMS Offer becomes the fourth solution in the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite, joining applicant tracking system (ATS), Recruit, candidate relationship management (CRM) software, Connect and new hire onboarding software, Onboard. The product is now available for purchase and implementation for iCIMS customers.


Prime Connector is a plug and play toolkit enabling employers to configure, administer and run third-party hiring applications within the iCIMS Talent Platform. The first of its kind in the talent acquisition industry, Prime Connector unifies recruiting software, and provides a faster and better integration across hiring technologies by:

  • Enabling fast and easy activation with no technical support needed.
  • Fully integrating an end-to-end user experience.
  • Eliminating toggling between disparate systems.
  • Ensuring compliance by leveraging best practices for each stage of recruitment.

“Seeing the data imports and automatic status updates when background checks are completed, and having this all inside of the iCIMS platform, is exciting, and could save several steps for our recruiters,” said Jody Scott, Defenders, Inc. director of talent attraction. “We are looking forward to the roll out of Prime Connectors.”

Orange Tree, First Advantage, EBI and Sterling are the first background screening providers to invest in building to iCIMS Prime Connector and are showcased in the iCIMS Marketplace of integrated products dedicated to providing organizations with a unified end-to-end recruiting experience.

“Quickly realizing the many benefits that strong integrations provide for our customers, we were more than happy to put technology resources behind developing a Prime Connector with iCIMS,” said CEO of Sterling, Billy Greenblatt. “By enabling recruiters to order, track and complete the background screening process within their talent acquisition platform, we’re providing a more comprehensive, time-saving experience for employers and candidates alike.”

Source: iCIMS

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