Verify candidate identity and history with fingerprint-based background checks
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Create Safer Workplaces with Fingerprint-Based Background Checks

For jobs that require a high level of trust, you need a high level of assurance, and that’s what a fingerprint-based background check can provide. Whether you conduct fingerprint background checks to comply with regulations and requirements, or you’re interested in conducting more thorough candidate background checks, Sterling is here to help.
Fight fraud by verifying your candidate’s identity and history with the most unique identifier — a fingerprint.
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Sterling Identity is built on the SureID® biometric collection network.
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What is a Fingerprint Background Check?

A fingerprint background check researches the criminal and non-criminal history of an individual.
Fingerprinting is often required for employment in regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare. Depending on your industry, fingerprinting requirements may vary by state. In any case, fingerprint background checks can help you create safer workplaces, improve your security footprint, reduce risk, and safeguard the data your customers entrust to you.

What is a CHRI Report?

A fingerprint background check provides an Authorized Recipient an entity authorized to receive fingerprint-based background check results on behalf of a candidate with a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) report. A CHRI report, also known as a “rap sheet,” comes directly from the FBI database and contains the following candidate information:
  • Biographic information: candidate’s full name, date of birth, and Social Security number
  • Arrest information: e.g, felonies, misdemeanors, infractions
  • Dispositions: arrest outcomes – e.g, charged, convicted, or acquitted
As thorough as they are, fingerprint services don’t uncover everything about a prospective candidate. For a more complete picture, it’s important to conduct additional searches along with a fingerprint check, such as criminal checks at the county level, employment verification, and education verification.
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FBI-Approved Channeler

Sterling Identity, a subsidiary of Sterling, is one of a handful of companies approved by the FBI to channel fingerprints. If your organization is allowed or required to conduct fingerprint-based background checks, Sterling is equipped to help you complete this process with a seamless, convenient, and modern candidate experience.
Sterling Identity is the designated fingerprint provider for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Sign up to process FINRA fingerprints with Sterling.
Sterling Identity is also able to collect and process electronic fingerprints for the following agencies:
*Some service restrictions may apply.

FBI Record Checks Draw From

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    thousand law enforcement agencies
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    million criminal fingerprints
  • 0
    million civil fingerprints

Let Us Handle Fingerprinting Complexity for You

Whether your needs are driven by federal, state, or local regulations, Sterling is positioned to be your fingerprinting services partner. Sterling can facilitate fingerprint-based background checks for employment and licensing purposes. Available options vary by state. Connect with one of our experts to discuss your industry, region, and company-specific needs.
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Convenient Fingerprinting Locations Near You and Your Candidates

Running FBI record checks on your candidates is quick and easy. In partnership with The UPS Store®, Sterling provides a nationwide live-scan fingerprinting collection network with locations in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
About 80% of the US population is within a 30-minute drive of a convenient fingerprinting location!

Patented, Innovative Technology

Enhance your candidate hiring experience with superior fingerprint capture technology.
Sterling Identity biometric capture devices are state-of-the-art and as easy to use as your smart phone. The touch-screen interface works exactly how you’d expect, and with a tamper-proof hardware platform, sensitive candidate data is kept safe and secure.

How It Works

Step One
Submit Candidate Information
Sterling integrates the fingerprinting services into your existing hiring processes, making it easy to request a fingerprint background check.
Step Two
Capture Fingerprints
Candidates select a convenient fingerprinting location, where a trained technician verifies candidate identity and helps them capture their fingerprints quickly and easily.
Step Three
Deliver Results
You receive results fast – often within minutes.

Reduce Time-to-Hire and Onboard the Best

Sterling’s simple and seamless process makes it easier for candidates to provide fingerprints and for you to receive results fast.
Sterling-trained technicians assist candidates to help speed up the fingerprint capture process as well as reduce the chances of fingerprint rejection.
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Are You Looking to Obtain a Copy of Your Own FBI Report?

If you’re an individual looking to obtain a copy of your FBI criminal history record, head to Know what is on your record with a fast, easy, and convenient process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically. With live scan fingerprinting there is no ink or hard cards, which makes the fingerprinting process faster, cleaner, and easier.

A fingerprint-based background check reveals previous criminal arrests, charges, and the details of previous cases. The fingerprint can also pull up information about the person’s birth, address, employment, car accidents, and insurance information by checking the FBI’s database – the largest repository of criminal information in the US.

An FBI background check can contain information not found by conventional search parameters (i.e. name, date of birth, and social security number).

View Sterling Identity’s nationwide network of live scan fingerprinting locations at With Sterling, you also have the option to request a fingerprinting device for your business location for additional convenience.

Your organization will need to obtain permission from the applicable federal and/or state agency to conduct fingerprint-based background checks. Sterling can provide guidance but is not able to determine client eligibility to conduct fingerprint-based background checks.

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