CUSTOMER STORY: Pediatric Hospital and Research Center

Sterling Applies Healthcare Know-How to Streamline Operations for Pediatric Hospital

The fact that Sterling has a healthcare team that understands our unique challenges works really well for us.”
HR Compliance Specialist
World-renowned Pediatric Hospital and Research Center
Healthcare know-how

This globally recognized pediatric hospital and research center treats more children with rare diseases and complex conditions than any other hospital. Working in a mission-critical medical environment where helping children get and stay healthy is the prime directive, the hospital’s HR Compliance Specialist needed a background and identity services partner that understands the healthcare landscape.

“Sterling breaks out its teams by industry and has true market experts in those fields,” she relates. “Every industry has their own particular standards, so the fact that Sterling has a healthcare team that understands our unique challenges works really well for us.”

Sterling helps this team follow and stay up to date with ongoing regulatory compliance requirements while also helping the hospital’s recruiters find and place the right talent. She says she appreciates Sterling’s ability to provide clear communication in that regard, as well as top-notch client service across the board.

Clear communication, superior client service

“With our previous background check vendor, the communication and collaboration was not great,” she recalls. “The way their reports came back was very complex and cumbersome. They were never as clear as what Sterling offers. Communication was certainly our biggest challenge, along with a need for better collaboration and customer service. That was why we left our former vendor and went with Sterling.”

Sterling helped come up with the right solution for us, helped us revamp our platform, and put it in place.”

The HR Compliance Specialist highlights a program that Sterling set up with her team as an example.

“We used to only verify the highest level of education a person had when recruiting,” she recounts. “If the position required a bachelor’s degree, we would verify the specific major that person had as long as it was for a bachelor’s degree. Our compliance requirements then changed, and as a result we needed to verify based on the specific discipline for the degree, such as a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, and so on.”

She explains that Sterling worked with her team to create a platform that accounted for over a hundred variations of relevant education levels. “It was really a complex problem to solve,” she states. “Sterling helped come up with the right solution for us, helped us revamp our platform, and put it in place. Our Sterling account team was there at every turn to guide and advise quickly.”

Simplicity and speed

Pointing to other positive results she’s seen since working with Sterling, the specialist specifically highlights a simpler process and faster turnaround times for screening international candidates.

“We do a lot of international searches,” she relates. “Because these searches can be extremely cumbersome, it had been a struggle to get them done quickly and in a way that made it as easy as possible for our candidates to provide the necessary information specific to their countries of origin.” She says that Sterling helped to simplify the process, which in turn helped speed turnaround times. “Sterling helped us figure it all out.

“What I like best about the partnership is that our Sterling account team understands what it is that we need to do to fulfill our requirements,” she concludes. “They know our program, they know our background, and they can help resolve any issue.”

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