August 24th, 2016 | Sterling

Are You Willing To Undergo A Background Check?

Are You Willing To Undergo A Background Check?

As soon as I was made an offer with Sterling, the next step was to undergo an employment background check. As with many jobs, the offer was contingent upon the successful completion of a background check and drug test. Even though I knew everything would check out just fine – I couldn’t help but worry (especially because I put my two weeks’ notice in before the background check cleared). But, within a matter of days, I got the call saying everything was cleared and I’d be reporting to work as expected.

The first thing I did when I started was ask for a copy of my consumer report. In fact, it was the first time in my life that I’ve ever thought to ask for the results from a background check. I figured since it was now my job to start marketing our services, I might as well take a close look at one of our staple products completely personalized to my history. Aside from a few speeding tickets (rooting from the joy of always wanting to be punctual), my record came back clear. But, I enjoyed going through line-by-line to look for any patterns.

One pattern I noticed immediately was that nearly all of my previous employers declined to rate my performance and did not verify my salary information. I also noticed that some of my previous employers classified my job title differently, so it was marked in my report that the title on file was inaccurate. I was impressed with the level of detail in the report and could tell that Sterling had really gotten to the nitty-gritty of my background. It was a cool process to experience and I recommend that everyone asks for their report the next time they go through the process.

Now, why am I telling you all of this? The answer is simple. In our latest report, “Employment Background Checks: Survey of American Citizens,” we explored how Americans feel about employment background checks and the impact they have on their professional and personal lives (it includes more than 1,000 respondents who are statistically representative of the national population). But, the stat I want to highlight is that 68% of Americans surveyed indicated that they are willing to undergo background checks themselves, demonstrating that it is not just something they believe should be in place for others.

While it would have been nice to see that statistic a little higher, I think it’s a good start and true testament to the belief in the background screening industry. Although I had to undergo a background check for work, it is a process I stand behind and something I would undergo again. I regularly interact with pilots, doctors and bankers and I thought, if I’m demanding that they need a background check, shouldn’t I also be willing to do the same? At a time when safety is a top priority, it’s reassuring to know that the majority of Americans are willing to stand behind their words and do that which they are asking from others.

For more information on how Americans feel about safety, I encourage you to download our latest report which highlights safety in the workplace, privacy vs. safety and employment deal-breakers. It’s a great place to start as you begin to think about safety in your workplace.

Employment Background Checks: Survey of American Citizens

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