Remote hiring: How to hire new talent safely and efficiently

August 24th, 2020

There’s a new normal for the way we work and the way we conduct business, and that is extending to how people are being hired for jobs. Despite the pandemic and high unemployment rates, the interviewing and hiring process is still underway remotely.

“I do expect that hiring will begin to ramp up as the world starts to recover and emerges from the crisis, said Ken Schnee, a general manager at background screening company Sterling. With social distancing orders still in place, the safest way to ramp up hiring is to do so remotely, and it can still be done safely and efficiently, he said. It’s just as important to maintain a strong candidate experience during the remote hiring process.

“Companies can still interview candidates just as seamlessly in a remote context, thanks to advanced technologies that are now at the forefront of the hiring process,” Schnee said. “The question becomes, how can we give a robust view of the applicant and drive efficiency in the hiring process, while ensuring that there is trust about their identity and background.”

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