Global Webinar Schedule

April- June 2020

April 09 Thursday 11-12 PDT us

On-Demand: Volunteer Engagement Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Virtual Convening

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus and the associated response has changed our way of life… including how we think about and engage volunteers. The pandemic requires all of us to put protections in place for volunteers, staff, and clients, while also finding innovative ways to maintain some services or endure while suspending other services.

Presented by: Jennifer Butler, Marketing Director at Sterling Volunteers

And Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies.

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April 22 Wednesday 2-3 PM ET ca

On-Demand: Navigating Uncertainty: Conducting Background Screenings During Covid-19

As Canadians continue to experience the growing impact of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, and its many uncertainties, functioning organizations lack resources to hire and screen candidates quickly to meet market demand. Compliance remains to be Sterling Backcheck’s driving force as we continue to offer our services during this unprecedented time.

Presented by: Chuck Walker, Sr. Advisor, Global Screening and Compliance, Sterling Backcheck;

Iain Murray, Vertical Leader for Sterling Backcheck;

And Shaun Ryan,Vertical Leader,  Sterling Backcheck.

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April 28 Tuesday 10 -11 PM ET APAC

On-Demand: Internal Fraud: How HR Became The First Line Of Defense

We see an increasing trend in both regulated and non-regulated industries putting in place preventive measures, and talent management teams have taken on an increasingly proactive and front-line role in this fight against internal fraud. The cost of a bad hire and the lack of employee background screening measures comes with a high price tag.

Presented by: Katherine Chew, DLA Piper Singapore, Of Counsel

And Elizabeth Fitzell, Sterling RISQ, Managing Director

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May 14 Thursday 2-11 PM EDT us

On-Demand: Establishing Virtual Emotional Connections for Employees

The sentiment of the world has changed as we’ve endured the Coronavirus pandemic. People are limiting their social and emotional connections as they practice social distancing and work remotely. With this great physical distance between us, companies are trying to maintain a strong company culture, create a bond of trust with employees, and establish emotional connections.

Presented by: Ken Schnee, General Manager, Technology, Media, Entertainment, and Hospitality, Sterling

And Alysia Eve, Director of Product Marketing, Citrix

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May 20 Wednesday 1:00 PM us

On-Demand: Strategies for Hiring Safely in the New World Ahead

As the most serious stages of the COVID-19 pandemic abate and many businesses look to re-open, staffing companies will be called upon to deliver the talent needed to re-start our economy. If history is any indication, there should be strong and immediate demand for staffing in the recovery ahead.

This webinar will help you continue to create a foundation of trust and safety for your clients and your most essential resource, people. Leading experts from Sterling and SIA will share exclusive research and help your staffing firm understand.

Presented by: Vincenza Caruso-Valente, Sterling General Manager, Staffing, Retail, and Franchise;

Taylor Ligett, General Manager of Identity;

And Angela Preston, Senior Vice President and Counsel for Corporate Ethics and Compliance.

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May 21 Thursday 11-12 PDT us

On-Demand: “Real” Best Practices for “Virtual” Volunteers

More and more organizations have begun to rely on a blended workforce–with staff and volunteers working on-site and on-line. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, engaging volunteers virtually is now the only way for many organizations to sustain current volunteers and engage others in their mission.

Presented by: Jennifer Butler, Marketing Director at Sterling Volunteers

And Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies

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June 03 Wednesday 2-3 PM EDT ca

On-Demand: Know Your Candidate: The Importance of Identity in Background Screening

This upcoming webinar covers the evolution and future of ID verification background checks within Canada. Learn how electronic ID verification plays an essential role in a compliant background check and how it’s implemented in today’s new world.

Presented by: Taylor Ligget, General Manager -Sterling Identity;

Chuck Walker – Sr. Advisor, Global Screening and Compliance – Sterling Backcheck

And Marina Ilishaev – Director, Global Marketing – Sterling Backcheck

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June 16 Tuesday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM us

On-Demand: Healthcare Shifts to A New Virtual Reality

Join Sterling Healthcare’s Vice President of Client Success, Jenn Tomassi, and a panel of healthcare talent management experts for their discussion on strategies for adapting to the new normal, best practices for using virtual tools, and a look at what lies ahead.

Presented by: Jenn Tomassi, Vice President, Client Success Healthcare and Life Sciences Division, Sterling;

Darin R. Taylor, Vice President – Workforce Solutions Aya Healthcare;

Megan McCall, Senior Director, Talent Operations, Human Resources, Vanderbilt Health;

John Higgins, Director of Talent Acquisition, Sanford Health;

Julie Wilhite, System Vice President- Human Resources

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June 18 Thursday 11-12 PDT us

On-Demand On-site to On-line: Adapting Training for Virtual Presentation

Join Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies, for a discussion on how to pilot or expand your organization’s virtual training opportunities,particularly given recent circumstances amid COVID-19 that has limited our ability to gather in groups. Learn how virtual training may be the crucial step to help retain current volunteers and onboard new ones. Receive a training plan template and technology checklist for facilitators to use in your own work.

Presented by: Jennifer Butler, Marketing Director at Sterling Volunteers

And Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies

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June 24 Wednesday 3-4 PM us

FCRA Compliance Update: Need-To-Know Basics and Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis

Attendees will get real-world perspective on how organizations like Hunter Douglas and Lockheed Martin manage the complexities of background screening compliance and are navigating challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. They’ll learn how they can build compliance controls into their own organization’s background screening program by addressing federal regulations (FCRA and EEOC), state and local laws (Ban the Box), and internal policies and procedures.

Presented by: Angela Preston, SVP and Counsel, Corporate Ethics and Compliance Sterling;

Dorothy Belcher, Director of HR Integrations and Operations Lockheed Martin;

Melinda Keith, Senior Director of Customer Support, North America, Hunter Douglas;

Vicki Pavay, HR Manager, Pre-Boarding and Off-Boarding Programs, Lockheed Martin

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