Global Webinar Schedule

January-March 2020

January 21 Tuesday 2 PM GTM emea

Background Screening, Brexit and Best Practice Consideration for Employees

In this webinar, experts from Fragomen LLP will explain what Brexit (and the new government) means for you and your employees, and what you should prepare for. They will also examine Right to Work checks and reveal whether you have the correct compliance processes in place. In addition, Sterling’s VP of Global Privacy will be on hand to examine the obligations that lie ahead with regards to data transfers in a post-Brexit world.

Presented by: Naomi Goldshtien, Senior Manager, Fragomen;

Charlotte Willis, Senior Manager, Fragomen;

Mark Sward, Vice President of Privacy, Sterling.

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January 30 Thursday 2 PM ET us

What you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) goes into effect. Why does that matter to employers in the U.S.?In this webinar, privacy expert Mark Sward will explain how the CCPA will impact employers in the U.S., and how it applies to background screening and regulatory requirements.

Presented by: Mark Sward, VP of Global Privacy, Sterling;

Tanya Bryson, Head of Product Marketing, Sterling.

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February 13 Thursday 2 PM ET us

Drug Testing in Healthcare: From Pain Point to Competitive Advantage

Instant vs lab based. Self-collect vs point of collection. Urine vs oral vs hair vs blood. Healthcare organizations have myriad choices when it comes to drug testing. Which one is best for your organization? Or should you have a hybrid program?

In this webinar, Sterling’s Healthcare and Drug Experts will discuss various methods available and the pros and cons of each.

Presented by: John Mallios, Senior Vice President of Drug & Health, Sterling;

Ryan Garman, Director of Healthcare, Sterling.

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February 25 Tuesday 2 PM ET ca

Compliance Matters - Why 15 minutes won't do the trick

In this day and age, speed is often the top priority when it comes to how organizations operate. But when it comes to background screening, cutting corners can lead to costly mistakes, such as expensive lawsuits and violation of workplace safety, just to name a few.

Join our panel of experts to learn what it truly means to perform a compliant background check and how 15 minutes might not always do the trick.

Presented by: Mark Sward, VP, Global Privacy, Sterling Backcheck;

Chuck Walker, Sr. Advisor, Global Screening and Compliance, Sterling Backcheck.

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February 26 Wednesday 11:00 AM PT us

2020 Industry Insights: How Volunteer & Organization Perspectives Align

Sterling Volunteers and VolunteerMatch have partnered for the second consecutive year to give you insight into the world of volunteering and nonprofit organizations. During this webinar you’ll discover how the perspectives of volunteers and organizations align on a wide range of important industry related topics.

Presented by: Katie Zwetzig, Executive Director, Sterling Volunteers;

Greg Baldwin, Chief Imagination Officer, VolunteerMatch.

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February 27 Thursday 10:00 AM HKT APAC

Workforce 2020 – How Technology Is Changing The Way We Hire

Screening, one key component of hiring, has also evolved through the adoption of automation, data matching, real-time checks to make the process safe, efficient, and straightforward.Yet with so much data, online and offline, it is increasingly vital for companies to manage and secure the data by putting in a compliance framework and legally compliant cyber-security controls.

Presented by: Helen Colquhoun, DLA Piper Hong Kong, Partner;

Elizabeth Fitzell, Sterling RISQ, Managing Director APAC.

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March 11 Wednesday 1 PM ET us

Globalizing Your Screening Program—Lessons from the Front Line

There is no global background screening market. Each country- and sometimes municipality- has its own data, regulations, and quirks.

Learn from Sterling’s Steve Smith and David Bloom, who spend a lot of their time helping clients design and scale screening programs that cross borders.

Presented by: David Bloom, General Manager of the Gig, Volunteer, and Consumer groups, Sterling;

Steve Smith, Managing Director,  Sterling EMEA.

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March 12 Thursday 2 PM ET us

Measuring and Communicating Volunteer Impact

This session will explore trends and emerging tools designed to demonstrate quantitative and, more importantly, qualitative results that position volunteer engagement as a valuable and effective resource within your organization.

Learn some of the latest metrics to track volunteer impact and gain tools to make the case for volunteer engagement as a vital resource.

Presented by: Beth Steinhorn, VQ Volunteer Strategies.

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March 25 Wednesday 11 AM PT ca

Volunteers in the Workplace: Safeguarding Your Reputation with Background Screening

Most organizations running volunteer programs know they need to screen their volunteers — at the very least those volunteers who are working with vulnerable populations or who have access to sensitive information. What steps do you need to take to ensure you are not on the hook for a lawsuit and, that you are protecting your people and your reputation?

Presented by: Iain Murray, Director of Sales- Sterling Backcheck;

Marina Ilishaev, Director of Marketing – Sterling Backcheck.

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March 31 Tuesday 12 PM us

Enhancing Safety and Consistency through a Contractor Screening Program

Thorough background screening is critical for maintaining safe working environments. Your initial focus may be full-time, direct-hire employees, but does this cover everyone you place in positions of trust with access to restricted areas and sensitive information?
Join Sterling, for this webinar on the unique challenges with screening contractors and an innovative solution.
Presented by: Alla Schay, General Manager of Sterling’s
Industrials, Government & Education business.

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