Sterling Continues to Fulfill Background Screening In Over 99% of US Jurisdictions

Be prepared for continued uncertainty. Sterling’s proprietary technology allows it to continue fulfilling background screenings despite court closures.
Fulfillment Status

In Spring of 2020, few could anticipate the full-scale impact of Covid-19. Even as business-as-usual changed irrevocably, Sterling weathered the worst, fulfilling background screening as court closures around the country continued to climb. At the peak of the lockdown, our fulfillment remained steady at over 95% and is now at 99%, even as we see a rise in court closures. We’ve been through this and we’re ready for it again.

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While we hear promising news every day of vaccine options, the reality is that availability will take time. As we head into winter, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. This means that court closures may also continue to rise. Even in this period, we are currently fulfilling background screenings in over 99% of US jurisdictions due to the strong support framework derived from our:

  • Proprietary end-to-end automation that allows us to access court information
  • Global partner network that supplies additional fulfillment capabilities

We continue to witness urgent demand in certain industries as a result of our collective response of social distancing to win the battle against this pandemic:

  • Healthcare companies need staff to help with surging cases
  • Online retailers need distribution workers to ensure people continue to safely get supplies they need in their homes
  • The gig economy continues to grow, providing much-needed jobs and meeting consumer demand
  • Staffing firms need to onboard people at unprecedented rates to help all of these industries

If you need to scale your workforce quickly and are facing challenges completing background screenings, we’re here for you.

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