Hawaii Enacts HB 2243

July 7th, 2014 | Sterling

On July 1, 2014, Hawaii enacted HB 2243 which allows qualified entities to request state and national fingerprint-based criminal history record checks on their applicants for employment, employees and volunteers who provide care for children, vulnerable adults, or individuals with disabilities and receive the results directly. A qualified entity is defined as a business or organization which provides care or placement services, including a business that licenses or certifies others to provide care or placement services. Prior to conducting criminal history checks under this statute, the entity must register with the Hawaii Criminal Justice data center, verify that the applicant will be working or volunteering in Hawaii and submit fingerprints and a waiver allowing the release of this information. The applicant must be notified in writing of the right to receive a copy of the background screening report and the person’s right to challenge the accuracy of this information before a final determination regarding the person is made by the qualified entity. The full text of this Bill can be found here:  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2014/Bills/GM1299_.PDF

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